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Social Media For Manufacturing Companies

Social Media For Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing industry gains strength with every product milled, every cut of metal, and every finished product. Businesses in middle-market manufacturing are complex, powerful, and integral to American interests. Manufacturing is very truly the life-blood of the American economy. Social media for manufacturing is a burgeoning field, and immense gains are expected for the multitudes of manufacturing companies who invest in social media for manufacturing. There are more than 600,000 American manufacturing companies in the USA. These manufacturing companies make products that are made in the USA, and these products are the finest, most advanced, most precision products in America today. 

American manufacturing makes money through hard work, discipline, and a strong workforce. That is true enough in the USA, where manufacturers thrive because of a consistent sales pipeline that continues to bring in the business.  

Ever since the advent of the Internet, American manufacturers have sought to capitalize on the economic opportunity of the World Wide Web. The quest to capitalize began with manufacturing companies building websites, filled with informative product details, catalogs, and plenty of information to help the buyer make an informed decision. 

Now, we are seeing the trend of social media make the airwaves on a continuous basis. Social media has proven to be a money-maker, with Facebook earning billions of dollars a year from advertising, and with a trillion dollar market capitalization. More importantly, we have seen that more than 60 million businesses have a Facebook page, and more than 4 million businesses advertise on Facebook. 

These businesses know that social media makes sense for business. More importantly, these businesses are actively using social media to drive sales, generate leads, achieve brand recognition, build awareness, add website traffic, and much more. Social media has so much potential for manufacturing companies to achieve more success. But people are skeptical. 

In light of this, businesses large and small specializing in social media and digital media have decided to enter the business of social media for manufacturing companies. Large companies such as ThomasNet and small, minimal companies such as WebFX understand that social media makes business sense for middle-market manufacturers. Alchemy MarketingLab knows this well, too. We are powerful social media advocates for manufacturing companies, and we protect your interests and online assets while generating new business opportunities for you, all for a reasonable monthly cost. 

If you think that social media management might make sense for your manufacturing company, reach out to Alchemy MarketingLab. Call us at (248) 514-8721 for a free phone appointment. 

Why Social Media For Manufacturing? 

Social Media For Manufacturing

Social media for manufacturing makes good business sense, and for a multitude of reasons. For starters, you can generate qualified leads for your sales team through a white paper approach. At Alchemy MarketingLab, we write one white paper for you every three months, and we do the marketing of the white paper on social media channels such as LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups in order to generate the leads using social media. By using this methodology, we are able to generate hundreds of leads for white papers such as “5 Reasons Why You Should Buy From A CNC Machining Company Today”, etc. Our lead generation is very valuable, because the white papers are sales-driven and written in order to bring the reader through the marketing funnel, to get ready for a sale. 

Most people talk about how social media is good for brand. At Alchemy MarketingLab, we definitely agree that brand recognition makes a big difference in your sales opportunity pipeline. When your prospects have heard of you, like you, and want to do business with you, your business gains in power and strength. Thus, building a brand makes good business sense for manufacturing companies as well, because of the opportunities you can capitalize on after the name you have built for yourself is heard from wide and far. This especially will make sense when you combine a social media strategy with a social media advertising campaign, for example on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we dedicate 10% of the monthly budget for social media advertising that builds brand awareness, generates lead opportunities, and engages with your followers. 

Market saturation is a marketing term referring to when you saturate the market with information about your products and services. By continuously communicating with your prospects, followers, and leads through social media, you get a chance to immerse the market in owned communication about your business and products. Social media is perfect for this strategy, where social media tools allow you to optimize the posting schedule and deliver communication to your followers and the market, through social media hashtags. 

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How Social Media Can Gain New Sales For Manufacturing 

Social Media And Manufacturing Companies

Social media is usually seen as a method for gaining brand awareness, with followers and prospects. The business case for social media is obvious to many, though plenty continue to have skepticism for the business case for social media. In any event, social media for manufacturing usually involves daily posting, weekly content calendar, monthly analytics reports, and brand outreach. At the same time, many of the best at social media are starting to accelerate the business use for social media by applying the time-told principle of the marketing funnel to social media marketing. 

The marketing funnel goes as follows. At the top of the funnel, you build awareness with new prospects. At the middle of the funnel, your prospects are interested, and are considering whom to do business with – and are considering you from a pool of prospective companies. At the bottom of the funnel, you are earning the sale.  

With manufacturing, the tendency is to go straight to the bottom of the funnel, with a sales-driven approach. The sales-driven approach is proven for manufacturing companies, and the source of the power of the sales-driven approach is with closing leads. 

Lead generation is a powerful opportunity for sales teams to gain new leads, nurture leads, score leads, and qualify leads. At the same time, most businesses don’t associate lead generation with social media. Like us, here at Alchemy MarketingLab. At Alchemy MarketingLab, we understand the need for leads, and we know how to do lead generation on social media better than most. 

The key to lead generation is to have a “lead magnet”, otherwise known as an ebook or white paper. Alchemy MarketingLab writes this lead magnet, designs the format for the ebook, and then prepares a landing page for the ebook that gives it away for free in exchange for lead information such as name, email, phone, company, and job title.  

We then circulate the white paper or ebook on social media, starting with LinkedIn Groups, and later with Facebook Groups. We join dozens of LinkedIn groups related to the subject matter, and we contribute responsibly. We share the ebook with these professionals, and hundreds download the ebook in exchange for their lead information. 

After you have received the lead information, Alchemy MarketingLab transfers ownership of the lead information to your business, with the goal of you giving the leads to your sales team. Your sales team can then follow up with the leads, establish a relationship, and begin the sales process that your company has implemented with success so far. 

Are you interested in lead generation with social media for your manufacturing company? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Social Media + Website = A Winning Combination 

Social Media For Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies make a great amount of money from their website. The website of a manufacturing company can feature product information, videos, product catalogs, and much more that give the prospect needed information that helps to get the deal coming in. When manufacturing companies combine their website with a social media presence, they tend to have better results. 

The first component to success in combining your website with your social media is more web visitors. Social media marketing does a great amount to cause more web visitors to arrive to your website. With more web visitors, you get more visibility, more people interacting with your web assets, and more deal flow. Some might not expect social media to cause more web visitors, but at Alchemy MarketingLab, we have seen social media traffic to account for 30%-60% of a website’s amount of traffic.  

The reason for this is that with social media, you post links to your website on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Then, you combine the post with social media hashtags to categorize your post. Social media hashtags such as #manufacturing, #mfg, #manufacturer, and many more all organize the posts that use that hashtag into a searchable index where you can find content correlating to the hashtag. While the understanding about social media continues to be somewhat elusive to many, at Alchemy MarketingLab we are social media pros. We can bring your website many more web visitors because of our social media campaign. 

The second component to success in combining your website with your social media is new lead generation opportunities. With new lead generation opportunities, you can generate new leads through social media marketing activities to handle social media objectives and create more sales opportunities. The way you do this is through the creation of lead magnets that you then offer in exchange for lead information, on your website, or on a landing page. We believe that social media outreach for the purpose of lead generation has the opportunity to generate many hundreds of leads for you from the combination of website and social media.  

An easy example is the manufacturing product catalog. Many manufacturers have a product catalog on their website. However, most manufacturers still don’t see the product catalog as an example of a lead magnet. Again, a lead magnet is something people download for free in exchange for lead information. Can you imagine getting hundreds of downloads for your product catalog, and getting their information as well? And then, can you imagine your sales team calling every person that downloaded your product catalog? With Alchemy MarketingLab, we can help you incorporate a lead magnet download form to your website to give you leads and extra sales opportunities. We believe social media management is a science as much as an art, and when you step into the MarketingLab, you will see how we generate sales opportunities through lead generation on social media. Most never before thought it possible. 

The third component to success in combining your website with your social media is more customer loyalty. When you have thousands of people visiting your website from social media, you get an opportunity to win customers for longer. Visitors who arrive to your website from social media channels tend to stay more loyal, because they arrived from a more social environment. When people arrive to your website, we can install an email opt-in box, so you can generate email-driven leads simply because of web visitors. Then you can nurture that contact into a qualified lead, and get that qualified lead to your sales team.  

Customer loyalty causes repeat visitors, and people that have more contact with your website and company. When you get the email address, you can send them your newsletter, company updates, and product catalogs, and this creates more customer loyalty. Customer loyalty has a lot to do with “liking”, as well, that concept where people like your company, so they spend more time with your company, too. The more opportunity the prospect has to interact with your company, starting with your website, and then social media sites, and then email opt-ins, the more the prospect will develop loyalty to the company. 

The fourth component to success in combining your website with your social media is more follow-up opportunity. When you have the lead magnets and email opt-ins on your website, you create sales opportunities. You also get more of a chance to follow up with your visitors. More follow up not only creates more customer loyalty, it also creates a chance for your manufacturing company to get impressions about your business, building awareness and creating interest. It also encourages the sale. By the time your prospect is ready to make a purchase, they will consider you from a list of alternatives, and you will have the opportunity to generate the sale. 

Want to use social media for manufacturing to generate sales? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Social Media Channels For Manufacturing 

Social Media For Manufacturing

The social media channels that you should use for your manufacturing company are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and optionally YouTube.  

Facebook is an important social media channel as there are more than 3 billion people with an active Facebook account. Additionally, more than 60 million businesses use Facebook as well. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your business to be one of them?  

What Alchemy MarketingLab finds interesting is that there are so many social media trends that are made apparent on Facebook. Social media advertising is a new trend that has gained traction over the last decade or so. Millions of companies are advertising on Facebook, and Facebook lets you advertise for as little as $10 at a time. 

While you might not know it, Alchemy MarketingLab invests 10% of your monthly budget in social media advertising. A large percentage of that goes to Facebook. We invest in Facebook because the social media impressions you gain are highly interesting and go a long way. 

Twitter is important for manufacturing as well. Many prospects spend hours on Twitter, and interactions on Twitter are essential to getting more social media followers. Thousands of manufacturers have a presence on Twitter, and you never know whether your prospect prefers Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We at Alchemy MarketingLab practice consistency of social media messaging, to ensure that your business has a unified message that continues to support your social media objectives. 

LinkedIn is a great social media site for lead generation. Like with Twitter, you want to have a consistent message on your business page, but you also want to participate in LinkedIn Groups with thousands of professionals from your industry who would be interested in doing business with you in the future.  

Instagram is a powerful social media site focusing on square images for the purpose of socializing and building brand around images and videos. Many manufacturers are already using Instagram to engage with their followers. Instagram accounts also sometimes get ranked on Google and Bing for your business name, and this helps because then you have another opportunity to represent your brand and company to your prospects when they search for you. Conveniently, you have a link back to your homepage from your Instagram account, so this gets you traffic too. Instagram is a great way for manufacturing companies to extend their company reach onto the Internet, and for this reason we manage your Instagram account with precision. 

YouTube is more than a social media platform, it is also a search engine for videos. When your manufacturing company invests in videos to showcase your products, you have a great opportunity to get those videos seen with YouTube. YouTube gets you web traffic to your video through its search engine, and it also gets you visitors to your website based on the video description that you write, as long as you include a URL. YouTube is a great marketing vehicle, and manufacturing companies get dividends from their YouTube channel in general. 

Because of this desire to support your industrial company’s social media efforts, Alchemy MarketingLab has prepared a social media package that is very attractive. 

We combine website, social media, and lead generation to generate business results for your manufacturing company that cause sales opportunities as much as messaging opportunities.  

Ready to get in touch with us for a social media strategy? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721. 

Building A Social Media Plan For Manufacturing 

Social Media Plan For Manufacturing

Building a social media plan for manufacturing is essential to achieving lasting results that can include more web visitors, greater visibility, and an improved brand stance.  

The first component to your social media plan is to design a content strategy. With a content strategy for social media, you decide what types of content to post, and what major over-arching topics you believe will complete certain objectives. One objective might be more web visitors. Another objective might be to raise more awareness about one of your business units. A third objective might be to generate leads through a lead magnet strategy.  

Next in your social media plan, you will want to come up with a strategy to build followers. This strategy might include social media outreach, and with social media outreach it’s all about who you outreach to, and what you post. Building followers takes time, and sometimes social media advertising can help to build your followers, especially with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but also Instagram as well.  

Next, as part of your social media plan, you will want to optimize your social media pages. It is imperative that you optimize your social media pages, including business information, web address, email address, phone number, and company tag lines and messaging. You will also want to include company brand images, such as logo and relevant imagery used by your company on your main website. 

Next, as part of your social media plan, you will want to manage a content calendar. A content calendar is essential to a professionally managed social media account. With a content calendar, you prepare your posts well in advance, in order to perfectly place your social media messages and achieve the greatest effect. When you use a content calendar as part of your social media plan, you optimize your social media management for the purpose of superior business results.  

As part of your social media plan, you will also want to prepare monthly analytics. With monthly analytics, you get all the data around likes, followers, posts, engagement, comments, and many other important social media metrics to measure your success. Through a social media analytics report, you are also able to dig into the numbers and achieve data in reference to ROI – return on investment. Monthly analytics are essential to any social media plan, and at Alchemy MarketingLab, our clients receive a monthly social media analytics report every 30 days, at no additional cost.  

Finally, as part of your social media plan, you will want to factor in social media advertising. Social media advertising is so important for success, and we invest 10% of the monthly budget in social media advertising. We post social media advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The effect is more user engagement, more likes and followers, and more lead generation. Social media advertising is incredibly inexpensive, and thus a reasonable budget will achieve a major effect. 

Ready to get started with a social media plan for your manufacturing company? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Social Media Tips For Manufacturing 

Social Media Tips For Manufacturing

We have a number of social media tips for manufacturing companies that can help you achieve improved results with your social media activities. First and foremost, you should maintain a consistent posting schedule. Rather than planning posts few and far between, a consistent posting schedule affords you the best results for your social media management. You manage your social media channels far better when you post regularly, at specific intervals, and with social media objectives in mind. 

Next, you want to engage in social media brand outreach. With social media brand outreach, you reach out to other social media profiles and comment on their pages and posts. It’s all in how you comment. The best comments get responses, and because these profiles have larger social media followings, you have an opportunity to generate more brand impressions with third party audiences. 

Next, you want to develop a social media strategy. A social media strategy is the over-arching plan you have for the social media management. You define clear goals, such as add to website traffic, generate leads, or improve the company’s brand footprint. With a clearly defined social media strategy, your social media posts are sure to leave a lasting impression on your prospects and followers. 

It’s important for you to be purposeful about results. Results sometimes take months to show major improvements, and when you take a purpose-driven approach to social media results, you get more reward for your effort. Results can be measured, and the monthly social media analytics report is important to know how much progress we have made. When you demonstrate purpose in your social media activities, you find that your messaging will make more sense to your readers and followers. 

Finally, create content for the right audience. You are not going to send manufacturing web pages to a mom’s group, just as much as you’re not going to be posting about stock tips on a manufacturing social media site. Adjusting your content strategy to factor in the right audience makes a major difference in your social media results. When you clarify and define your core audience, then posting content for that audience starts to make more sense. 

Want you turn these social media tips into actionable results for your manufacturing company? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Social Media For CNC Machining 

If you run a CNC machining business, then social media for CNC machining may be right for you. CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process, where you remove pieces from an un-refined piece, and craft a final product. Social media has proven powerful for many CNC machining companies. If you are serious about gaining new business, then you will want to invest in social media management for CNC machining. The question is, are your competitors on social media? For many of your competitors, the answer is yes. Your highest performing competitors are using social media, and you should use it too, to gain a competitive advantage. 

Social Media For Injection Molding 

Injection molding is a powerful aspect of manufacturing, and we have found that social media works well for injection molding companies, both with respect to building a brand, and lead generation through social media. Injection molding is the injection of materials into a mold, with the objective of shaping a final product. High performing injection molding companies are all using social media to gain a competitive advantage and out-pace the competition. Get started with social media for your injection molding company and gain an edge on the competition. 

Social Media For Machinery Manufacturing 

Machinery manufacturing is impressive in both the shaping of metal as well as the tools used to develop sophisticated machinery. Machinery manufacturing companies clearly see that social media has advantages that are interesting for their business. Social media can add website traffic, build brand, and generate leads. If you work for a machinery manufacturing company, sign up for social media management with Alchemy MarketingLab. We are the best at using social media to build company brand and generate leads for your sales team. 

Social Media For Equipment Manufacturing 

Equipment manufacturing is an industry where manufacturing technology creates new opportunity and new challenges. The highest performing equipment manufacturers are all using social media to generate business results, add to the bottom line, add to brand, and lead generation. If you are an equipment manufacturer, you need social media management to complete the objective of adding more web visitors every month, and generating leads along the way. Add to your book of business by investing in yourself with social media management. 

Social Media For Product Manufacturing 

Product manufacturing is a vast and powerful industry. Social media for product manufacturing is very useful, and does help business results. When you are interested in gaining new business through innovative technologies, try social media for product manufacturing. You will find that you experience an increase in web traffic to your website, a bigger brand, a more engaged and more loyal customer base, and an opportunity for lead generation that can add to your bottom line. Sign up for social media for product manufacturing today. 

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