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Social Media For Green Energy Companies

Social Media For Green Energy Companies

With so many businesses using social media for green energy companies to attract customers, drive revenue growth, and build brand, social media is more important now than ever before. 

Companies have their own social media accounts, and status updates are now business posts that describe the business and elicit business response. 

Corporations immediately bought into social media, and hired professional marketing and social media agencies to manage their accounts, often paying as much as $100,000 a month for professional social media management. 

Then small and medium-sized businesses joined the fray, and social media management became a major industry. 

Experts of social media management understand that you can achieve so much with business social media profiles. 

You can drive traffic to your website, resulting in sales, and you can build a brand as well. 

We define a brand as the company stance on who we are, but it is also comprised of the people that have heard of your business, especially those that have a positive impression about your business. 

Green energy companies are in an immense phase of increased business. 

Reports are emerging showing that investment in clean and green energy could triple over the next 10 years. 

With so much opportunity to gain new business, social media becomes much more important. 

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Why Social Media For Green Energy Companies? 

Social Media For Green Energy Companies

For green energy companies, social media can translate into more business for you. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that social media can fit in nicely with your business process. 

When you have a business process involving B2B deals, you might not expect for social media to come in handy, but social media has great relevance for B2B. 

You have likely seen many white papers on social media, and perhaps you have downloaded a few yourself. 

That’s social media combined with content marketing. 

Perhaps you have done a business search for a potential business partner, and you came across their social media pages. 

Did you notice the quality of the marketing on the social media page? 

Did the social media pages look neglected, or were they perfectly polished and up to date? 

Generally, you can get a sense of a business by virtue of its marketing, and social media is a big part of the marketing mix. 

Whether you are doing B2B or B2C green marketing, you will definitely have a use for social media. 

Your customers are often on social media, and when they see your business, what will they think when they see your page?  

Also important is the question, will they be they ready to do business with you? 

We can bring your social media followers through the customer journey, and win them over to becoming your customers. 

The question becomes, are you managing your social media effectively? 

Because your business is the best at what you do, perhaps it makes sense for you to go to a business that’s the best at what we do – social media management. 

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Are My Competitors Using Social Media? 

Are My Competitors Using Social Media?

Yes. Your competitors, especially the ones making the most money, are all invested in social media. 

Not only do they have great social media, they get their social media professionally managed. 

Truly, social media is a differentiator for green energy companies.  

When you have great social media, it is emblematic of your success. 

Great green energy companies have great social media, and they all hire social media agencies to manage their social media for them. 

When you are the best, you hire the best.  

That’s the plain truth. 

Therefore, you don’t want to waste your time with in-house marketing teams doing social media for you. 

They might be okay, but they aren’t as good as the social media pros. 

Our belief is that the best companies are attracted to the best. 

And because you represent a company that is the best, or could be with a few investments, hiring a social media agency such as Alchemy MarketingLab could be the best decision you ever made. 

Social Media For Green Energy Companies

There are many benefits to hiring a social media agency for your social media, and you might not know all of them. 

With Alchemy MarketingLab, one of the benefits comes from our commenting process. 

We do more than social media postings. 

We also comment on social media pages of corporations that could be meaningfully helpful if they were to interact with your comment. 

When we do this, we build your brand with a high-interest touchpoint, and this is very interesting from a social media point of view. 

You get more likes, more retweets, more comments back, and sometimes you get a Fortune 500 company mentioning you in a social media post – this does wonders for your brand. 

The point here is that your competitors, especially the competitors who have the market share you want, the size you want, and the deals you want, these competitors are all on social media with professional social media management. 

The investment is not major. 

However, the results are truly priceless. 

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The Advantage Of Social Media For Green Energy Companies 

Advantage of Social Media For Green Energy Companies

Social media is a major advantage for green energy companies. 

With well-managed social media, a green energy company can experience an increase in web visitors to their website. 

Social media for green energy companies is about both building brand, driving traffic, and generating interest leading to sales. 

Marketing is often about helping the prospect have interest in your business, and generating that interest to bring your prospects through the “customer journey” is so crucial. 

The customer journey takes the prospect by the hand and walks them in the direction of a sale, starting with someone who has never even heard of you. 

The next step is someone who has now heard of you, but doesn’t yet want to do business with you, but possibly likes you. 

The following step is someone who has both heard of you and does want to do business with you, but well in the future. 

And of course the next step is someone who is ready to buy from you right now. 

You can craft marketing messages that take you through this customer journey, starting in phase 1 where there is no recognition or interest, and all the way to phase 7, where the customer is a repeat customer who loves your company. 

Social media for green energy companies can take advantage of the customer journey. 

The customer journey is a best practice of digital marketing for green energy companies.

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we practice “customer journey” marketing, and we make sure that the marketing materials we share on social media factor this in, and exemplify the customer journey, taking your prospect from phase 1 all the way to a sale and beyond. 

Interestingly, we believe that customer journey marketing is also really beneficial for email marketing, and Alchemy MarketingLab does offer email marketing as an add-on to social media management. 

The advantage of social media for green energy companies is that you can interact with future customers, and lead them down the customer journey so that as they get to know you and get comfortable with you, they can become customers. 

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Facebook Marketing For Green Energy Companies 

Facebook Marketing For Green Energy Companies

When investing in social media for green energy companies, we find it imperative to focus a large amount of time on Facebook. 

Facebook is the #1 social network, with nearly 3 billion accounts. 

If you are intent on investing in social media management, then you must factor Facebook in to a large extent in order to be assured of success. 

Facebook marketing has evolved rather significantly over the years. 

With tens of millions of business pages on Facebook, your company is well poised to succeed with Facebook when you manage your page regularly, ensure your business information is complete and up-to-date, encourage outreach in a way that benefits your brand, builds community, and leverages customer journey marketing to bring Facebook followers into your customer list. 

Turning Facebook followers to customers is one of the major names of the game with social media management, and Alchemy MarketingLab is one of the best at bringing your prospects from interest to purchase. 

We know how to get Facebook followers ready to make a purchase. 

Facebook Advertising is often a very significant method for achieving successful results with Facebook marketing for green energy companies. 

When you advertise on Facebook, often for a very reasonable fee (included in the social media package of Alchemy MarketingLab), you can build your followers through Facebook page promotions, you can get your Facebook posts seen by hundreds or thousands of extra people, and you can do lead generation too. 

When you work with Alchemy MarketingLab, be assured that your Facebook page will be very well taken care of. 

We are the best in the business at managing your Facebook business pages, and we have significant experience in managing Facebook advertising to generate business success to a large extent. 

Are you ready to get started with Facebook marketing for your green energy company? Get in touch with Alchemy MarketingLab. Give us a call at (248) 514-8721 to begin your social media journey today. 

LinkedIn Marketing For Green Energy Companies 

LinkedIn Marketing For Green Energy Companies

We find that LinkedIn marketing is especially helpful for achieving greater business results.  

With LinkedIn, we have found that the more you post, the more LinkedIn itself blesses your business, and supports you. 

What is especially interesting is that LinkedIn was purchased recently by Microsoft. 

As we know, Microsoft is best at achieving business results. 

Thus, with LinkedIn owned by Microsoft, we can expect that regular usage of LinkedIn in a responsible and business-friendly fashion can truly help you to get better business results. 

At the same time, this causes us to mention an important factor in your business work. 

The fact of the matter is, Microsoft is great for business. 

Did you know that you can purchase Microsoft 365, to let your team have access to Office online, with shared access to files in the cloud? 

Did you know that Microsoft also lets you host emails online, for only a few dollars a month. 

While this is a minimal expense, the more you do business with Microsoft, the more Microsoft blesses your business. 

The same is the same when using LinkedIn. 

Post regularly on your LinkedIn business page and personal profile, to achieve superior results for your business. 

In addition to using your LinkedIn business page and personal profile, you also benefit from posting regularly to LinkedIn Groups. 

You also benefit from blogging on LinkedIn too. 

The more you use social media actively, the more these powerful and helpful companies can bless your business and support your efforts to expand your business. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we are sufficiently strong at using LinkedIn to deliver superior company results.  

Our social media management has a perfect ability to support your business while boasting top-notch skills that reflect a mastery of social media marketing. 

More than simply posting, we understand the nuances of social media management, and we take your social media results to ultimate success because of our knowledge of best practices for social media management. 

Some of these best practices are well-known, and others are company secrets. 

Regardless, we are proud of our social media management offer, and we hope you’ll sign on with us. 

Ready to get started with your social media management? Reach out to Alchemy MarketingLab for a free 30 minute consultation. Call us today at (248) 514-8721. 

Instagram Marketing For Green Energy Companies 

Instagram Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Millions of companies use Instagram every day to promote their company with visual marketing, especially with images and video. 

Instagram is a social media site that is beautifully relevant, with a scrolling news page filled with images and videos from the companies, brands, and people that you follow every day. 

When you use Instagram, it is key to do more than simply post on your page. 

First, you want to use hashtags for all your posts, as these hashtags will get your posts found and viewed by a wider audience. 

If you didn’t, you would have to rely on your followers alone to get seen, and building followers takes its time. 

In the same way, there are certain things you can do on Instagram to get extra brand equity, such as commenting on the Fortune 500 business pages, earning replies and likes along the way. 

As you could imagine, when you go to a major corporation’s page, and then that corporation mentions you in a comment, your social media page gains a lot more interest because

of mentions from corporations. 

We are great at getting social mentions at Alchemy MarketingLab. 

Instagram is one of our favorite social networks, because it helps you understand the entire world of digital and tech. 

When you have your Instagram marketing dialed in, you find that Google and Bing are more easily explained as well. 

Search engines are all about sophisticated equations, that serve relevant results. 

Getting social media mentions from corporations and other trusted companies is similar to getting a backlink for your SEO – a link from another site back to your website. 

These backlinks are the key to SEO, and similarly, comments from companies and quality pages are key to social media. 

We have learned so much about social media over the years, and our Instagram marketing is superior to most competitors. 

When you are ready to manage your Instagram professionally, think about hiring Alchemy MarketingLab! 

We are a co-creative social media agency that focuses on green and sustainable businesses. 

Get in touch with Alchemy MarketingLab for a free 30 minute consultation, and you can call us at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Twitter Marketing For Green Energy Companies 

Twitter Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Twitter marketing is both an art form and a science that Alchemy MarketingLab has mastered and measured. 

We have found that Twitter offers a unique opportunity to connect with prospects in the business world. 

We also believe that the usage of Twitter for business helps to continue the expansion of access to free information. 

In any event, Twitter does have a lot of business opportunity. 

When you use Twitter for business, your first instinct is to simply post news stories, or better, stories about your company. 

What you might not expect is that Twitter is really about interaction with stories and the people who share them. 

When you mention someone in a comment, they gain brand value, and the reverse is true as well.  

That’s why Alchemy MarketingLab gets how to build brand value on Twitter more than most social media agencies. 

To us, Twitter is about thought leadership, where you join a conversation and create quality content about that conversation, building leadership equity and trust with your followers. 

The engagement that results from thought leadership positions you as a trusted source, and we know, nothing moves faster in business than the speed of trust. 

Twitter is a great place to reach out to people based on where they are in the customer journey. 

The social media site Twitter has great potential for people that haven’t heard of your business, and often can be a great point of introduction as Twitter posts are often found in Google and Bing. 

When you reach out to prospects on Twitter, or better yet – when we do this for you at Alchemy MarketingLab – you gain brand value, you build interest, as well as community, and you gain an opportunity to market to prospects that lets you earn new business in the future. 

Interested in marketing your business on social media sites such as Twitter? Sign up for a free 30 minute conversation with Alchemy MarketingLab. Call us at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Why Social Media Is Worth The Investment For Green Energy Companies 

Social media is worth the investment for a number of reasons. 

First and foremost, your competitors are using social media for business purposes, and often with a professional social media agency or marketing agency to manage the social media accounts. 

Second, the players who are expanding by leaps and bounds, and succeeding beyond measure, are all working with professional social media agencies. 

Third, social media is proven to bring prospects the information they need to bring them through your marketing funnel, and ever closer to being a customer. 

Fourth, social media benefits your brand, through impressions with important people and especially, corporations. 

Fifth, social media when professionally managed makes your business more intelligent, social, and adds to overall organizational core competence. 

When you combine these reasons together, you see very clearly that social media is worth the investment for green energy companies. 

Because of this, social media for green energy companies becomes more attractive.  

Social media is worth the investment. Ready to make your investment? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. 

Hire Alchemy MarketingLab For Social Media For Green Energy Companies 

Alchemy MarketingLab Logo

Alchemy MarketingLab is a co-creative social media agency for green energy companies, and sustainable businesses of all types.  

We are fascinated by social media trends, and have a bevy of social media knowledge that allows us to over-deliver and out-perform. 

Alchemy MarketingLab has superior social media management to competitors, and we believe our offer has much more benefit than any competitor offering. 

We are talented, skilled, and our employees all work remotely, usually from the Los Angeles area. 

Our professional approach to social media management offers you the best results. 

Our process to social media is first and best, and we are assured that our customers are always very happy. 

We are proud of our business, and we think that when you hire us, you will see an improvement to business results. 

We build brand socially, we engage with followers, we build community, we generate interest, and we create sales opportunities. 

We leverage our knowledge of the customer journey to create content for social media that meets prospects wherever they are at, and brings them down the marketing funnel, and closer to the sale. 

We are a proud organization, and we appreciate your business. 

We also have a special offer for you, because you visited this page. 

When you sign up with Alchemy MarketingLab, mention code GREENSOCIAL30 and receive a 20% discount on our social media services for the first month, equal to savings of $6,000. 

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