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SEO For Manufacturing

SEO for manufacturing is more needed now than ever before. Manufacturing companies rely on their website to generate business for them. Product catalogs, lead intake forms, and good content are all elements of successful websites. But the question is, how can prospects and future customers find your website? Here at Alchemy MarketingLab, we have learned that nothing works as well as a combination of social media, manufacturing SEO, and content. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a business practice that is rather technical, and often elaborate. At the same time, the rewards for investing in SEO are immense. In short, SEO is a business practice that takes various actions, in order to get your website ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing.  

There are three big steps to manufacturing SEO. Step 1 is researching keywords, or keyword research as it is called. With keyword research, your SEO technicians investigate the keywords that – if you wrote content for these keywords – you would get those pages ranked on Google and Bing, and your homepage would be more highly ranked as well. The keyword research itself involves the use of proprietary tools, such as MozSEMRush, and more.  

Step 2 is to write content, and then do on-page optimization of that content. Here you can optimize existing articles and pages for SEO purposes, and also write content that gets ranked on Google and Bing. Then, you optimize that content, often while writing, and you are nearly in the money. 

Step 3 is to build links from other websites back to your website. In general, this is not too hard to do, but does take an inordinate amount of time. For example, there are hundreds of websites for small business listings. When you sign up for some of these websites, you often get a free profile, and that includes an opportunity to put your web address on there as well.  

That’s the point. Putting your web address on other sites, often through linking, and then have those sites point to your site through your web address. This is called a backlink. And backlinks are a large percentage of SEO. When you get a strong backlink portfolio, you get a chance to get ranked on Google and Bing to a much larger percentage. 

A short explanation: Google search results and Bing search results are organized by a very sophisticated algorithm. When you understand the variables in the algorithm, which is an equation, then you can figure out how to get the algorithm = 1st page of Google and Bing. We know how to do that at Alchemy MarketingLab. 

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Why SEO For Manufacturing Is Really Important 

SEO For Manufacturing

SEO for manufacturing is really important because when you do SEO, you get more visitors to your manufacturing website. To be sure, the more web pages you have on your website, the better chance you have of getting your homepage on the 1st page of Google and Bing. Interestingly, we can write those pages for you here at Alchemy MarketingLab. That comes included in our SEO package that we write a certain amount of content for you for you to post on your website. The content is optimized, so when you post it, that article has a good chance of getting ranked on the 1st page of Google and Bing within 1-4 months. 

SEO for manufacturing matters because you want as many prospects to visit your website as possible. Prospects visiting your website can lead to more phone calls, more inbound sales, more leads, and more opportunities. The purpose of SEO is not only to get your manufacturing company on the 1st page of Google and Bing, it’s also to get more visitors to your website from the search engines.  

When you have more web visitors on your site, you can close more business. So SEO makes good business sense. In addition, when you are on the 1st page of Google and Bing, your business is more blessed by Google and Microsoft, and that’s an incredible advantage for your manufacturing business in and of itself. Microsoft throws business at companies that invest in SEO. So does Google. When you invest in SEO, you get in much better shape with those two powers. 

There’s more. Manufacturing SEO is a mandatory investment for most manufacturing companies, according to the federal government. At the same time, this is not stated explicitly. Yet SEO is as mandatory as social media marketing, as is having a website. There are certain things that are mandatory for business these days, such as a website. A website that generates leads should be standard at this point for every manufacturing company. The manufacturing companies could have, on average, double the number of leads, simply by investing in SEO and social media, and lead generation through both SEO and social media, and on your website. An example would be an intake form on the homepage of every website, often times offering something in exchange for their contact information. An example is a product catalog. This makes good sense. 

Because SEO is mandatory, we believe that investing in SEO gets your company more blessed by the federal government. And that means more leads, as it is. More leads means more sales, every time. And we want to grow leads. And sales. That’s the country. Gaining leads and sales. Can you see the bigger picture here? Websites have been mandatory for a while. That’s why you see a 30% increase in business 5 years after you build your website. The same is so with SEO. When you invest in SEO, you will have hundreds to thousands of extra visitors on your website in a given month. And that translates to new business opportunities, new leads, and more sales. 

When you get business results from investing in SEO, the least you can do is put a lead intake form on your home page and sub-pages (product pages, etc.) so that when people do visit your website, they inevitably sign up to download your free offerings. That’s called a lead magnet and it’s essential to lead generation online and on the website. This makes for strong sales.  

SEO is an incredible investment. You will want to invest in SEO by the year’s end. By reading this document, you pledge to invest in SEO within 1 year’s time. Whether you spend $20,000 a month with high-end firms such as Alchemy MarketingLab – Fortune 500 corporations easily spend $100,000 a month on manufacturing SEO – or you simply spend a few thousand dollars with a smaller SEO firm that does less but still makes some difference – your investment will translate to sales. In every way. It’s very impressive that you figured this out. The best companies in manufacturing all have major budgets for SEO. You should keep in mind that major competitors invest in SEO. Now is your time to join the SEO crowd. 

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How To Win The Game Of SEO For Manufacturing 

SEO For Manufacturing

If you want to win the game of SEO for manufacturing, you need to either have a lot of effort or hire a company willing to work the whole time for you. No more part time account managers who give you 5 hours a week and collect a small check. What you need is a sales-driven SEO lab that has all the talent and results that come with. We here at Alchemy MarketingLab offer you so much for you as part of our SEO lab: 

  1. SEO Keyword Research 
  1. SEO Site Audit 
  1. SEO On-Page Optimization 
  1. SEO Content Creation 
  1. SEO Backlink Building 
  1. SEO Analytics 

The first step is the keyword research. With keyword research, our SEO specialists uncover the top 500 keywords that would help your business if you ranked for them on the 1st page of Google and Bing. We also write a content outline to make sure that the articles will rank on Google and Bing. 

With an SEO site audit, we take a diagnostic of where your site sits according to SEO standards, and we create a diagnostic report that identifies major challenges and opportunities for the ongoing SEO work. 

With SEO On-Page Optimization, we go into your existing content and web pages, including the home page, and we make meaningful changes that get your site onto the 1st page of Google and Bing for each of the pages on your site, to the largest extent possible. 

With SEO Content Creation, we write the content based on the keyword research that then gets those articles situated on the 1st page of Google and Bing within 3-6 months after writing the articles and posting them on your website. 

With SEO Backlink Building, we build links from other web pages on the Internet to your website, and this improves your search engine standing to a very large extent – it’s 30% of SEO. 

With SEO Analytics, we report back every month on improvements to the SEO based on pages built, pages optimized, increases in web traffic, increases in backlinks, and more. 

If you want to win the game of SEO for manufacturing, you need to think a little more expansively about your web traffic. The more you do manufacturing SEO, the more the web visitors come into your site. Then, it’s a simple factor of offering your product catalog in exchange for lead information: 

  1. Name 
  1. Email Address 
  1. Phone Number 
  1. Company Name 
  1. Job Title 
  1. Etc. 

The download of your product catalog in exchange for this lead information, through the lead magnet strategy, constitutes a lead on your website that your sales team can follow up with. These leads are hot, because they would only download your product catalog if they had some interest in your products. 

Winning the game of SEO calls for continuous investment in SEO. The more you invest up front, the more you achieve dividends later. We take a third of the budget to invest in backlinks, and another third of the budget for a full-time SEO specialist who works on your account 40 hours a week based on the best practices of SEO that are still the same after all these years. The other third supports the functioning and operations of the company. 

Our best hope is for your business to succeed online through SEO. We believe that investing in SEO over a 10 year period can have a drastic difference in sales, possibly doubling or tripling income. We really think that when you invest in SEO, you gain a strategic advantage over your competition. Though in truth, everybody in manufacturing should be doing SEO, which would help a powerful industry achieve superior returns and more sales for all involved. 

Are you ready to invest in SEO for manufacturing? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

What Is Keyword Research? 

SEO For Manufacturing

Keyword research is an innovative way to get real results from your manufacturing SEO. With keyword research, we use paid tools such as Moz and SEMRush to identify hundreds of keywords that we think we could place your website and its webpages on page 1 of Google and Bing. We look at the metrics, and find keywords and related keywords that, if your website had the right content for those keywords, we could get you to page 1 of Google and Bing for many or all these keywords.  

The research associated with keyword research is complicated, and takes a lot of effort. The initial keyword research might take two months, after which there is ongoing keyword research to find new opportunities for ranking on page 1 of Google and Bing. 

The paid tools we use to identify the right keywords are both integral to our strategy, and our SEO specialists use many of them with precision and accuracy. For Alchemy MarketingLab, our own company strategy for keyword research continues to be to identify the top 100 keywords related to a given topic, for example “Social Media” or “SEO”, and then identify the audiences for the content you want to create. We identified 15 audiences, based on two main business types – green energy and manufacturing. There are several ways to write content for green energy – you have clean energy, you have solar energy and solar power, and all of these are keywords that are factored in when you write the content. So for every keyword that we identify – “social media campaign”, “social media tips”, “social media strategy”, etc., we write 15-20 articles per keyword. Each article is unique in content and speaks to a different aspect of the topic. 

By doing this, we have nearly 1500-2000 articles to write for the keyword topic of “social media”, and another 1000 articles for “SEO” or “search engine optimization”. Obviously, it takes so much time to write all these articles, and for this purpose, we hire a bevy of content marketing specialists to work for us part time to create this content.  

Keyword research gets you the keywords, and it also gives you the content ideas. If you are interested in a similar strategy to the above for your manufacturing company, then please give Alchemy MarketingLab a call or get in contact with us at the form at the bottom of the page. You can also subscribe to the newsletter at the prompt. 

Want to get started with your keyword research? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to begin. 

How Much Does Content Make A Difference For SEO? 

SEO content creation is very important for SEO. The reason for this is that “what gets ranked” is content! If your website has only 10 pages, you will have much more difficulty getting ranked for your keywords than if your website had 100 pages of content. And if you had 1000 pages of content, your site would generate much more web traffic automatically. 

SEO content is the backbone of the internet. A web page is content. A video is content. A social media post is content. When you create content based on the keyword research, you create an immense opportunity to get web pages ranked on Google and Bing, and this helps your homepage get ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing, as well.  

The more SEO content you have on your website, and the more you regularly post content, the more you get ranked on the first page of Google and Bing. In addition, you have an opportunity to optimize that content with on-page optimization for every article. And that helps to a major extent as well. This strategy does create plenty of work. Alchemy MarketingLab is the choice when you are looking to make a decision about SEO for manufacturing. 

The formula for SEO is keyword research, combined with on-page optimization, combined with new content that is optimized for SEO, combined with backlink building. Content is a major portion of the SEO formula. 

The best companies often have hundreds or thousands of articles, and all these articles have links to the lead magnet – could be a product catalog that you offer in exchange for lead information. The lead magnet generates qualified leads for your sales team to follow up with through email, phone, and text message. These hundreds or thousands of articles link to each other, and we find that when you do internal linking, you have a better chance of succeeding in your SEO online. 

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Why Backlinks Are So Important For SEO For Manufacturing 

SEO For Manufacturing

SEO backlinks are very important to the SEO equation. In fact, they are one of the most used ranking factors by the search engines in determining whether to rank your site on page 1 of Google and Bing. The idea is this. The big sites, they have thousands or millions of people linking to them from their own websites. How many links to the social media sites must there be from the mainstream media? At the same time, a middle-market manufacturing firm might not have the occasion to get lots of links back to their websites. 

To be sure, releasing online press releases can be a viable strategy to achieve backlinks from prominent sources, and this is really powerful. At the same time, when you have other websites and web pages connecting to your website with a backlink from another website, it makes a really big difference. 

These backlinks are a signal to the Google and Bing search engine crawlers – known informally as spiders – that your site is to be seen with more authority.  

That is why SEO is so important, along with SEO backlink building. When you have hundreds of these links, known as backlinks, to your website from other reputable pages on the internet, you gain a lot of power. You get a higher web score from the search engines – known as Domain Authority – and formerly known as PageRank. With a higher score, you get first dibs at being on the 1st page of Google and Bing.  

In other words, backlinks are a great way of getting ahead of your competition to make the 1st page of Google and Bing for all your keywords. With Alchemy MarketingLab, we can get you dozens of backlinks a month, and up to hundreds of backlinks every month, for the purpose of getting you ranked more highly on Google and Bing. We are the best in the game at getting your web page ranked on the 1st page of Google and Bing through SEO backlinks, and we believe that investing in your SEO with Alchemy MarketingLab is a great decision that you will have no remorse about whatsoever. 

Want to get started building backlinks for your SEO? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started.  

The SEO Game Plan For Manufacturing SEO 

SEO For Manufacturing

The SEO game plan for manufacturing SEO involves links, and more links, and even more links! We believe at Alchemy MarketingLab that building links is 30% of the SEO, at least – if not more. 

The first thing we do is identify all the keywords that you should rank for on Google and Bing. Then we develop an SEO content strategy to write articles to get ranked on Google and Bing both for these articles and for your homepage. Then we go onto your website and do on-page optimization. And then we do backlinks. 

Now the first thing we do is an SEO audit. We take stock of where your website stands right now with the search engine, and then we identify opportunities to improve your search engine ranking. This takes a lot of work, but at Alchemy MarketingLab we hire the best, and our employees love working hard for clients. 

The SEO game plan next goes to keyword research, as well as competitive research about how your competitors are performing on the search engines. We identify opportunities to capitalize, and we develop a game plan for moving forward that gets you to page 1 of Google and Bing for your keywords and website. 

We are big on content strategy at Alchemy MarketingLab. Many SEO specialists are backlinks driven, and we are too. Backlinks is the name of the game. At the same time, we believe that the more pages you have on your website, the better you will perform in every aspect of SEO. So we help to develop content that gets you ranked for the search engines.  

The biggest ongoing work is both writing content for the reader and search engines – and to be sure, for your website audience – and also to build backlinks to your home page and webpages. These backlinks are so important in getting your ranked on Google and Bing, and we have so much success with our backlink building. Our SEO specialists know exactly how to do this. They are professionals with experience. And we only hire the best. 

Ready to hire the best for your SEO For manufacturing company? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

SEO Strategies For Manufacturing Success 

SEO For Manufacturing

In the game of SEO, there are a number of strategies that you can implement to help assure your success. Here are a few of them that we employ here at Alchemy MarketingLab. 

First, define your audience. It is imperative that you define your audience to a clear and specific extent in order to get the most out of your SEO research and SEO activities. When you define your audience, you want to build buyer personas that clearly define who you are selling to, and what their story is like. You want to know the in depth facts about your prospect. Specifically, you want to get to know things like their needs, fears, frustrations, and goals and objectives too. The more you can hone in on defining your audience, the better your SEO will be. 

Second, you want to define your competitors. SEO is more complete when you work to understand your competition from an SEO standpoint. SEO specialists do large quantities of work to understand not only the competitor’s search engine standing, as well as their top tactics, but also competitors keywords that consistently rank as well. When you have a clearly defined competitive analysis, you are best able to complete the job of first page SEO. 

Third, you want to categorize your keyword research. It is imperative that you segment your keyword research in order to keep things organized. While you may have hundreds of keywords to keep track of, the first step is to identify topical keywords. For Alchemy MarketingLab, the topics are “social media”, “SEO”, and “content marketing”. When you look at each of the topical keywords, you will find easily 100 sub-keywords that are related to the major keyword. For the topic of “social media”, you may find sub-keywords such as “social media tips”, “social media analytics”, “social media tactics”, and “social media campaign”. When you categorize your keyword research, you get more specific about the content topics that you can then create for your website, to help you get more rankings. 

Fourth, you want to get backlinks from reputable sources. A great place to start with backlinks is free business listings. And sometimes, premium business listings add a powerful backlink that is well worth the expense of signing up. Free business listings can easily bring in 100s of backlinks for your company, and we really like this strategy, as these business listing websites are all reputable sources with respectable Domain Authority. In addition, you might also find that you can build backlinks from popular industry blogs, and other respected sources in your industry. Building a backlink portfolio is a crucial step to winning the game of SEO for manufacturing, and we at Alchemy MarketingLab are the best in the business at getting you backlinks from reputable sources. 

Fifth, write authority content. When we say authority content, what we are referring to are the main pieces of content that are the main focus of your business. So for example, if you are a manufacturing company and you do “product manufacturing”, “Injection molding”, and “CNC machining”, then you would write a 3,000 word piece of authority content for each topic, before writing a hundred articles related to the authority topic in greater specificity. If this sounds like it’s too much work for you to do, then give Alchemy MarketingLab a call – it’s one of our specialties. The more you write authority content, the more you signal to the search engines that you are ready for work and open for business. 

Sixth, focus on search intent. Some searches are commercial in their intent. Other searches are navigational – getting to one place or another on a website. Still other searches are informational – we are seeking more information. And other searches are transactional – related to making a purchase in the moment. When you write content for all 4 types of search intent, you get the most amount of traffic to your website, and that creates an opportunity for more web visitors through SEO, and more business too. 

Ready to get more business through SEO for manufacturing? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

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