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SEO For Green Energy Companies 

SEO For Green Energy Companies

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool in a business marketer’s arsenal. SEO for green energy companies is important, as companies that invest in SEO get higher rankings for their website, resulting in more solar panels sold, more geothermal installations, and more sales in general. 

As long as we can agree that a website adds business wealth and generates sales, we can agree that SEO adds business wealth and generates sales as well. 

The point of SEO is to get your website and its web pages more highly ranked on Google and Bing. 

When you have more web pages ranked more highly on Google and Bing, you get more search traffic, and that can directly result in new business. 

SEO is comprised of a few main components, and this page will elucidate those components, and explain why they matter for your business, good or bad, whether you invest in SEO or not. 

Alchemy MarketingLab is a marketing agency with SEO credentials, and we are very good at getting web pages ranked on Google and Bing. Especially with SEO for green energy companies. 

We specialize in SEO that gets your website and its web pages more highly ranked on Google and Bing.

We also help you develop a marketing funnel that involves lead generation strategies to ensure that when people arrive to your website from the search engines, they can be converted into prospects and customers.

Our SEO approach gets you ranked on Google and Bing, generates leads for your business, and then builds a marketing funnel so you can walk your prospects down the “customer journey” and down the marketing funnel until a sale.

Want to dive into an SEO approach for your business? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Why SEO Matters For Green Energy Companies 

SEO For Green Energy Companies

SEO for green energy companies matters to a very large extent. 

Good SEO is the difference between getting noticed to your business prospects, or staying distant from prospects, who don’t otherwise know you exist. 

Good SEO matters a great deal, because when your website is optimized for the search engines, then people and businesses can find you when they are looking to do business – or simply looking to find out more. 

A rule of thumb about marketing is that your prospects start out not knowing anything about you. 

The first task, therefore, is to make sure that your prospects find you, and that they have a good first impression. 

Most businesses have a website, and most websites have less than 20 pages on the entire website. 

The logic of SEO says that you need to have hundreds of pages on your website, with each page representing a keyword that your prospects are searching in order to find you. 

The truth about SEO is that when you have your website optimized with great SEO, more people find you every month. 

Possibly thousands of more people can find you every month when you hire a firm to do SEO for you. 

Those thousands of monthly unique visitors to your website can translate into real business. 

Those business opportunities can lead to new deals, interested prospects, and long-term marketing campaigns through social media and email marketing. 

SEO matters a great deal for green energy companies. 

Solar energy firms can generate business through SEO whether their business is B2B or B2C. 

Geothermal energy firms similarly can get really powerfully ranked, especially as there is less competition within the market.  

When your website is ranked on Google and Bing, you get better results, more customers, and more long-term relationships with prospects. 

Are you ready to get started with SEO for your green energy company? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to begin. 

How Hard Is It To Do SEO For Green Energy Companies? 

SEO for green energy companies is often a difficult task, though there are SEO opportunities for every green energy company waiting to be found. 

The hard part about SEO for green energy companies is the competition that most companies find on the search engines for the coveted first page is potent. 

In order to get past the competition for your SEO efforts, and make it to the first page of Google and Bing, you need to identify the right keywords that can still get ranked, regardless of competition. 

Finding the right keywords is a process that SEOs call “Keyword Research”. 

Keyword Research is a complicated task, and there are hundreds of keywords that every business can use. 

For example, the “benefits” of “solar energy”. 

Or the “advantages”. 

Or the “introduction”. 


You have seen these articles often because they work with every search topic. 

We at Alchemy MarketingLab have identified dozens of these keywords. 

We plug in your topic, and then we get to work. 

These articles get ranked on the search engines, and that increases your SEO value by a large amount. 

Of course, on-page optimization is a topic in and of itself, and there are a lot of complicated rules to follow if you want to maximize your SEO benefit. 

SEO for green energy companies is hard, but at the same time, the experts at Alchemy MarketingLab know what we’re doing. 

Want to give SEO a try for your business? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started and get ranked on page 1 for the keywords that matter. 

The Advantages of SEO For Green Energy Companies 

SEO For Green Energy Companies

There are many advantages of SEO for green energy companies. 

First and foremost, only the best-performing competitors consistently use SEO. 

Investing in SEO is correlated with better revenues, and improved company performance. 

Your competitors are using SEO agencies to rank for the keywords that matter the most, and it’s about time that you stepped into the fray and decided to join them. 

Your bottom line will thank you. 

A key advantage of doing SEO for your green energy company is that your company will get found on Google for dozens of more search terms, and possibly hundreds. 

When you get found on Google and Bing more easily, you get more web visitors, who become prospects that you can convert into leads and sales with a good website. 

It is also important that you bring in marketing funnel optimization to really get the best SEO results. 

When you do SEO, you will get more people to your website because of the increased visitors with all those first page rankings on Google and Bing. 

What you might not expect is that there is often a lot of work that has to happen to connect those increased web visitors directly to sales. 

Generally, you want to have both a marketing and sales approach to achieve success here. 

The marketing approach says that you should have a lead generation opportunity on most pages of your website. 

Then, you can follow up with the newly gained leads through email marketing and social media to bring the customer through your customer journey and in the direction of a sale. 

All this begins with your SEO.  

When you get your website ranked on Google and Bing, you then create the opportunity to have people and especially prospective customers visiting your website. 

After they reach the website, the question becomes, how do we convert the prospect into a lead that we can then follow up with using marketing and sales to get the business? 

The answer to this question is, obviously, hire Alchemy MarketingLab. We have the goods. 

SEO is a powerful component to the marketing mix, and when you integrate your SEO with your social media, web, content, and email marketing, you get a great opportunity to add to your bottom line. 

Want to see what SEO can do for you? Call us at Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721. 

Why Hire For SEO, Rather Than Do SEO In-House? 

SEO For Green Energy Companies

When you have made the decision to invest in SEO, the question becomes, do I hire an SEO agency, or do I hire personnel to work on this? 

The question is valid, and bosses have found success with both strategies. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, our belief is that you should always seek out the best, in order to achieve superior results.  

Because of this belief, we recommending hiring an SEO agency to do the work for you. 

In addition, we recommend marketing agencies that have SEO as a core competence, such as with Alchemy MarketingLab. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we are scientific in our approach to marketing, and we study the effects of great marketing in order to get better at what we do. 

We are impressive to be sure, but best of all, we are affordable and can work with your budget. 

Hiring for SEO is a great choice.  

It’s a strong decision. 

When you hire for SEO, you get the benefit of an entire firm that can achieve so many objectives for you. 

Hiring for SEO gives you the advantage of a company with SEO knowledge that surpasses that of a single employee. 

If you are thinking about doing SEO, hire an SEO agency such as Alchemy MarketingLab. 

Want to hire for SEO? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Step 1: Keyword Research For Green Energy Companies 

SEO Keyword Research For Green Energy Companies

The first step to doing SEO is to conduct what we call “Keyword Research”. 

As we alluded to before, keyword research is when you research the various keywords that would get ranked on Google and Bing for your company if you were to write content for those keywords. 

The objective, therefore, with keyword research, is to write content that gets ranked on the search engines, bringing you web traffic and attracting prospects to become life-long customers through strong marketing and sales. 

Keyword research is a complicated process. 

Doing keyword research often takes a month or more to complete, and sometimes much longer. 

There is the initial keyword research, and then there is the ongoing keyword research that you do to determine content topics that would get ranked on Google and Bing if you were to write those articles (or have us write them). 

The best part about keyword research is that the work creates more work. 

You do the research on the various keywords that are important for your business success. 

Then, you have a lot of content to create! 

The content you create is based on the principle of one keyword per one article (or more). 

Every keyword you decide to use, should call to mind at least one article. 

Sometimes, you write as many as 20 articles for each keyword! 

We at Alchemy MarketingLab have heard of companies writing 100 articles or more for long tail keywords, simply for the purpose of ranking 1 main keyword on Google and Bing. 

We are great at keyword research at Alchemy MarketingLab. 

When you are ready to get started with your SEO, call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to begin your customer journey. 

Step 2: On-Page Optimization For Green Energy Companies 

SEO On-Page Optimization For Green Energy Companies

On-page optimization is an important SEO component that green energy companies would do well to learn more about. 

This section has a lot to do with things like “meta tags” and “meta descriptions”, etc. 

A “meta description” is the text that shows up on the search engine for your web page. 

People that do search engine optimization have the power to edit this text, and present unique text that furthers your business objectives. 

There are dozens of little things that make sense to the search engines Google and Bing, when you do them. 

For example, keeping your meta description at 160 characters or less. 

Or keeping your page title at 60 characters or less. 

Or, as another example, using your primary article keyword in the first paragraph of the article or web page. 

Then there is the example of having each page on your website linking to other pages within your website. 

This is called cross-linking. 

Sites that contain internal links, or cross-links, on every page tend to outperform sites that disregard this important principle of on-page optimization. 

When you factor in all these little things, they add up to tremendously improved SEO results. 

There is a lot to do, and the good news is that Alchemy MarketingLab knows how to do this. 

We are wizards of on-page optimization, and our edits will dramatically improve your SEO results. 

Want to get started with SEO for your green energy company? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

Step 3: SEO Content For Green Energy Companies 

SEO Content For Green Energy Companies

SEO content is the foundation of real SEO results. 

The SEO content stems from keyword research. 

After you retrieve your relevant keywords, the next step is then to write content for those keywords. 

A good bet is to have a main article for your primary keyword. 

Then, have 5 or so articles that link to the primary keyword. 

Similar to the pillars on a Greek temple, we call this the pillar method of SEO. 

One main article sits atop, and then 5 pillar articles help it stand tall. 

There are so many articles you can therefore write, and each article has intrinsic value to ranking your main site and sub-articles more highly on Google and Bing. 

The clear thing to do is to hire an SEO firm that understands both the first 2 steps as described above as well as the 3rd step related to SEO content. 

SEO content is the difference maker for many green energy companies. 

When you have hundreds of articles of well-written, well-researched content, you get ranked on Google and Bing for keywords that matter to your business results. 

When the content is clearly written, optimized for the search engines, and perfectly formatted, the result is first-page rankings on Google and Bing. 

First page rankings on Google and Bing directly translate to your bottom line. 

For green energy companies, there is often a lot of competition on the search engines. 

Thus, SEO is an ongoing effort that pays dividends the more you invest in quality and quantity of content. 

You want your content in a hierarchy, and you want links in between your website pages to clearly define your site structure to the search engine crawlers. 

When you are ready to make an investment in SEO, think of Alchemy MarketingLab first. 

We are top-notch SEOs, and we have a strong background in content as well. 

Ready to get started? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721 to get off the ground and running. 

Step 4: Backlinks For Green Energy Companies 

SEO Backlinks For Green Energy Companies

Finally, backlinks are incredibly important for green energy companies to beat their competition and win the game of first-page rankings online. 

What is a backlink? 

A backlink is a link from someone’s website back to your website. 

Every time you receive a backlink, your website rises in value according to the search engines Google and Bing. 

When you have hundreds or even thousands of quality backlinks from high performance websites, you get a lot of improvement to your search rankings. 

The goal is that you find websites that have a high domain authority score, such as the New York Times, or Harvard University

Digital marketing is based on the premise that your website and social media accounts can drive business for you. 

In a business environment where so many people are directly transacting online this makes a lot of sense. 

It also makes sense for businesses that then get involved to get the sale offline. 

SEO is best for green energy companies that have a sales pipeline from their website. 

We are talking about making improvements to your website to cause a stream of leads to fill your company coffers with sales opportunities. 

Backlinks are an important component of high-strength SEO, and every SEO package must include them. 

While some CEOs like to order their backlinks separately, we find that the best process is to manually build backlinks individually through quality outreach and quality content. 

Ready to get started with your backlinks for SEO? Want to get your green energy company started on the right foot? Call Alchemy MarketingLab at (248) 514-8721. 

Find Alchemy MarketingLab For The Best SEO For Green Energy Companies 

Alchemy MarketingLab Logo

Alchemy MarketingLab is a digital marketing agency with specialties in SEO, social media, email marketing, PPC, and more. 

We are the best at getting websites and web pages ranked highly on Google and Bing, within reasonable amounts of time. 

Generally speaking, pages we write for SEO purposes are ranked on the first page of Bing within 1-2 months, and on the first page of Google within 2-4 months. 

We apply the approach of long tail keyword research and SEO content to get hundreds of pages ranked on Google and Bing. 

By applying a structured, organized, hierarchy of content for your website, we are able to create ranking opportunities where your business pages experience better rankings, more web visitors, and better business results. 

We are interested in connecting the dots between your SEO investment and business results, so we work with you to incorporate lead generation into your website as part of what we do. 

When we do this, we create lead opportunities on every page of your website. 

More than asking for the email address, we consider a lead a piece of business information containing Name, Email, Phone Number, Job Title, and Company Name. 

When you have this information, you can take leads to your sales team, and work with Alchemy MarketingLab on building a marketing funnel that leads to sales. 

We might write 200-400 articles of content for your website with a standard SEO package. 

Those articles will have intrinsic business value, in that they relate to your business and contain lead generation opportunities in and of themselves. 

In addition, these articles are written based on website hierarchy, in order to give you the chance to get better SEO rankings for your main pages. 

You might find that every main page on your website has 20-40 pieces of content that we write, post, and then have link to your main page. 

This form of site structure is very applicable to demonstrating successful SEO results. 

Alchemy MarketingLab is a pro at SEO. 

Do you have an interest in achieving superior rankings on Google and Bing for your green energy company? 

Alchemy MarketingLab has what it takes to get you to the first page and beyond. 

We get you ranked on Google and Bing. 

We help you generate leads from the SEO content. 

We work with you on a marketing funnel to turn these prospects into customers. 

Get in touch with Alchemy MarketingLab to get started on your SEO today. Call (248) 514-8721 to get started. 

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