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Essential Workers

Alchemy MarketingLab is proud to support essential workers. While most of us live our day, some of us are risking their safety and health to serve and protect us. From hospital staff, doctors and nurses, to police and firefighters, and energy personnel, we are proud to support those essential workers who make sure we are safe every day. 

We have seen so many changes over the last 3 or 4 years. First, we watched as freedom struggled to survive. Then, we were horrified when the coronavirus was released, and the mass media made it a spectacle. Then we watched the resiliency of the stock market as stocks roared back after a temporary lull caused by coronavirus fears. The stay at home orders were peculiarly Orwellsian.  

Slowly the world re-opened. Restaurants opened their doors. Stores re-opened too. And the entire time, essential workers risked their necks to work daily shifts while the world was shut down. The majority of us had a tough time in the era of the coronavirus. So many of us stayed home, working remotely or not working entirely. The essential workers had a tougher experience. As the world re-opened, we find that the essential workers have been working the entire time. We thank them for their tireless contributions, and we wish to support them as well. 

Alchemy MarketingLab is a new business, born in the pandemic era. Alchemy MarketingLab was founded at home, and all our staff will be remote work. We truly are a new-millennium company, made with benevolent intentions and seeking to empower our clients. 

We are interested in supporting essential workers to supply valuable resources to them. We plan on supporting a number of essential worker charities, establishing ourselves as a staunch supporter of essential workers.  

They said the world would never get back to normal. They are wrong. 

The world will find its normalcy, and in large part because of the work of essential workers who keep our country running. Thank you to the essential workers that keep America strong and free and thank you to their families. 

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