> Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Alchemy MarketingLab supports the rights of diverse populations. We believe that every American is competent, capable, and integral to the American fabric. We have prepared this Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement to articulate Alchemy’s stance on women, minorities, and other under-represented groups such as veterans, LGBTQ, & the disabled. Alchemy MarketingLab wants to make sure that diverse people are eligible to participate in our work life and work culture. We are building a beautiful company and we want to extend a hand of welcoming to everyone that applies to work with us. Please read on as we articulate our company statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 


We believe that diversity is an American value. We stand for this value and want to be sure to welcome all diverse populations to apply to work with Alchemy MarketingLab. We find that by hiring not only white people but African-American people, Latino people, Asian people, Arab-American people, and other under-represented minorities, our company improves in quality. We believe that diversity is a statement of quality as much as a statement of progress. 

Women are another diverse population, and we are certain that hiring women, no matter the race, will be of benefit to Alchemy MarketingLab. We support the rights of women and especially, gender equity. Women have a place at the workplace, and that is as an equal to men. For the sake of the statement, we will make sure that men are as equal to women! We support efforts to improve the quality of life for women in general and specifically at the workplace. We are committed to paying women equally for their work contributions with Alchemy MarketingLab.  

Diversity is an interesting value because in diverse environments, we see America come alive. In addition, we have seen that when businesses large and small become more diverse, the company thrives to a greater extent. Respect for diverse people, whether because of race, or religion, or disability status, is critical to empowering our American republic for a better future.  

With Alchemy MarketingLab, we believe that The Future Is Green. Now, I have never met a green person before, but we certainly have a soft spot for the eco-conscious. We believe that supporting efforts for renewable energy makes good business sense. We similarly believe that supporting the hiring of diverse citizens makes good business sense as well. America’s large businesses prove daily that when you have diversity at work, you achieve better performance. The era of only the white man at work is an aberrant anomaly with Alchemy MarketingLab. We want white people, black people, Jewish people, Asians, Latinos, women, veterans, and people with disabilities too, to know they are welcome here. 


Alchemy MarketingLab believes in the equity of each and every person that we work with. We have faith in the notion of equality, and we believe that every employee and prospective applicant can be met with respect, inclusivity, and opportunity. Gender equity ensures that we behave toward women the same way we behave toward men, with the expectation of equal pay and equal responsibility. We also make sure that we cancel any notion of discrimination based on race, gender, disability status, or any other defining characteristic. 

Alchemy MarketingLab believes strongly in racial equity. We are all human, though we do come from different backgrounds. Similarly, each employee of Alchemy MarketingLab is respected equally, and is to experience no disrespect because of race, gender, color, or creed. Equity is the notion that we are the same, and we should behave toward each other without discrimination because of a defining characteristic. 

Additionally, we believe that fairness in the workplace should be a defining value of Alchemy MarketingLab. We want to ensure that the workplace is fair to each and every employee. We want to ensure that each employee is happy at work, without ever having a sense of an unfair moment – and especially not because of skin color, ethnicity, gender, creed, or sexual orientation. We believe that when we behave fairly to everyone, then our company succeeds to a greater extent. 

Moreover, we also believe that access at the workplace should never be given to only a select few. We want to make sure that every employee has access to all our resources, whether in a physical location, or access to software, or access to company meetings, etc. We are of the opinion that when we all have equal access, then we improve dramatically. Because of this, equal access at the workplace is something that Alchemy MarketingLab believes in and practices. 


Alchemy MarketingLab has decided to be an inclusive company. We are a company that welcomes everyone to our table, and each of you has an important job to do. Moreover, we are certain that with cultures that don’t ever leave anyone out, such cultures are expected to succeed, survive, earn more, and experience the best far more than other cultures.  

America is an exceptional nation. We know this to be true. At the same time, singling someone out or making someone an exception is not part of Alchemy MarketingLab’s DNA. We are an inclusive company. What this means is that we include everybody, and never turn a shoulder to anyone in our company. 

We believe in our employees to practice inclusion at every step of the workday. We aren’t leaving anyone out of a meeting. We aren’t leaving anyone out of the decision-making of the company. We are certainly going to ensure that all the employees in our company are included, and never left behind in any way. Leave no Alchemy MarketingLab employee behind is that belief.  

We won’t ever leave you behind, or let you down. If you have a worry, we will have a safe place to air out your worries. We want to make sure that you are included, happy, welcome, and safe. If you ever have an issue, we have ways of helping to rectify the situation. Inclusion means that we welcome everybody in, and that no one person would ever have to suffer because of company policy or practice. 

Inclusion is that notion that I don’t leave that one man behind. He’s saved. He’s respected. He’s given a chance. Whoever that makes you think of, we include him and make sure he’s safe too. We believe in inclusion. So, we don’t single one person out, and we never place one person against a larger group. That behavior practice would be unfortunate, and we have a zero-tolerance policy on singling people out for hate or aggression. 

We are always seeking to improve our methodologies for diversity, equity, and inclusion. If ever a situation were to arise, we will handle that situation with equity – fairness – and in such a way that the people involved will get the sense that their issue has been resolved. We are problem solvers at Alchemy MarketingLab, and that means that the issue of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is on our mind, & we are probably taking a methodological approach to the topic. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will always be at the forefront of our minds, and we hope to really build an organization that practices Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, at every step of the way.  

Thank you for being who you are. Know that you are welcome and included here. Know that you have a path that we respect and support. Know that whatever resources we offer, we will make available to you. Good luck on your journey. We support you all.