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Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies 

Digital Marketing For Manufacturing

Digital marketing for manufacturing companies is not always utilized, but when utilized it does lead to increased web visitors, bigger brands, and many more favorable impressions with prospects. We at Alchemy MarketingLab have found that digital marketing makes a significant difference for manufacturing companies – especially in the realm of social mediaSEO, and content. We have found that companies that invest in digital marketing experience increased engagement, more web visitors – that translates to sales – and a bigger brand impression with broader market reach. Digital marketing for manufacturing is not the popular choice right now, but the right choice is not always popular. Investing in digital marketing is the right choice for the manufacturing enterprise. 

Why is digital marketing for manufacturing so crucial? It all comes down to getting more leads, and getting more sales. The central marketing hub of your company is your website. Your website causes interest, and that interest is often translated into quotes, leads, and requests for new business. When you have a strong web presence, we at Alchemy MarketingLab find that investing in digital marketing for the manufacturing enterprise is essential to extending the power of your web presence online. 

Social media management is an aspect of digital media, and we believe that social media can increase your monthly web visitors by 20-40%.  

SEO – stands for search engine optimization – lets you get ranked more highly on Google and Bing for your website. Many new web visitors find you through the search engines, and when you have SEO, you have a greater chance of getting found online for your manufacturing enterprise on page 1 of Google and Bing. 

Content marketing is the creation of white papers, ebooks, and web content that gets more web visitors, drives web traffic, and generates leads and contacts for your sales team to nurture. 

These three elements are all especially important for manufacturing enterprises, and we at Alchemy MarketingLab are proud to present social media, SEO, and content as part of a digital marketing strategy that can make a difference for your company. 

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How Digital Marketing Builds the Manufacturing Enterprise 

Digital Marketing For Manufacturing

Many manufacturers are skeptical about digital marketing. But truly, digital marketing tactics make a significant difference to the performance of your manufacturing company. There are a few major gains for using digital marketing. The first is more brand awareness. The second is more visits to your website. The third is getting found when people search for you on Google and Bing. The fourth is lead generation. The fifth is more inbound business. 

Let us start with brand awareness. You have a successful manufacturing business, making between $10 million to $50 million in revenue per year. You have sales, a thriving team, and strong management. You also have a brand footprint. What this means is that a certain amount of people knows about your business, and have a favorable impression with your manufacturing enterprise. The sum of everybody that has heard of your company, and their reaction to your company, in relation to your website, sales team, and other marketing materials – all this forms your company brand.  

The point here is that you want to Expand the Brand. When you do digital marketing, you increase that footprint dramatically, often for a very reasonable amount of money as a monthly fee. For example, Alchemy MarketingLab did an exceedingly small ad test on the Facebook Ads Exchange. We spent $10, and reached more than 2,000 people. Thus, if you spend $500 on Facebook Ads, you could reach 100,000 people. 

Now, those 100,000 people (about the seating capacity of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) are not all going to become customers. But as we learn, the first step in the marketing and sales funnel is “awareness” – whether people have heard from you or not. And when you can engineer 100,000 people noticing your brand, in any way, you have made a significant difference for your manufacturing enterprise. And all for $500! This is impressive. 

Alchemy MarketingLab spends 10% of your social media management budget on social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This advertising makes a major difference in terms of expanding your brand footprint, and building brand awareness. When you have brand awareness, you can then turn that awareness into interest – the next stage in the marketing funnel – and then you can go from there to consideration, and then a conversion – a sale. 

Second, you get more visits to your website. Manufacturing enterprises have significantly upgraded their web presence over the last several years. We have found that most manufacturers making between $10 million and $50 million a year have a beautiful web presence, with high performing websites that help get you business. We have also found that most of these companies either do not have social media channels, or they are sitting dormant on social media. When you have social media sites with social media profiles, we recommend that you maintain an active presence on social media, because social media can send so many visitors to your websites based on your posts. 

You might expect that only the people that follow your accounts can see your posts. That is simply not the truth. The best practice is to utilize social media hashtags on every post – #manufacturing, for example. This categorizes your post, and makes your post visible to thousands of people searching for #manufacturing, etc. Thus, you can generate web visitors from people that are not even following your profile specifically. 

Then, you have SEO – getting ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing. Most web visitors find you from the search engines. The issue tends to be that 90% of companies sit dormant on the internet, without ever getting found on Google. The answer to this is to do search engine optimization. It is an overly complicated and technical business; however, we are professionals of SEO here at Alchemy MarketingLab. What we find is that there are 3 main factors in getting your website ranked on page 1 of Bing and Google. 

The first factor is called “on-page optimization.” You want to make sure that you have keywords for every post, that are used so many times, and in the right placement. You want to optimize your images, and you want to make sure that your page has the right meta tags and meta descriptions. You also want to have a certain quantity of internal links and external links on every page. This is complicated, but we at Alchemy MarketingLab know how to do premium SEO for your manufacturing enterprise. 

The second factor is called “building backlinks.” Building backlinks is as simple as getting links from other sites to point back to your site. However, this business practice is time-consuming – and immensely powerful. From getting profiles on business directories to a bevy of other factors, there are many ways to build backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the more your website ranks on page 1 of Bing and Google. 

The third factor is called “posting more content.” Posting more content is the #1 method to achieving more results in your SEO, for your website. The point here is that the more content you have on your website, the more opportunities as your business must get found online. If your business only has 10 pages, then you are going to have a tougher time getting ranked on Google and Bing. At the same time, if your business has 400 website pages, you have a much more resilient site structure, and these pages are all opportunities to get ranked on the 1st page of Google and Bing – both for the pages themselves, and for the homepage. 

In general, it is often very much about getting found on Bing and Google. While you now understand the 3 main ranking factors in getting your website found on Bing and Google, you also should keep in mind that the businesses that do invest in SEO – which is the business practice of getting found on Bing and Google – these businesses tend to really outperform. To be sure, SEO takes time to achieve the results you really want. However, we have found that companies that invest in SEO tend to double or triple their sales in 10 years as compared to businesses that have forgotten to invest in SEO. 

It is like where CRM was at for sales teams in the past. First people did not do it. Then they would use it to a small extent, but they were skeptical. Then, more people found that it achieved superior results, and more signed up for CRM. Now every sales person is doing CRM.  

It is remarkably similar with SEO. We are in the skepticism phase in the manufacturing industry, but for a small investment, it is a smart choice. At some point, we expect that every middle-market manufacturing enterprise will invest regularly in social media and SEO, monthly. We believe that when manufacturing businesses invest in social media and SEO, the industry will take a leap forward, and will achieve greater business results such as increased revenues for the entire industry. In sum, social media and SEO are integral to the manufacturing enterprise. 

Fourth, lead generation is integral to the manufacturing enterprise as well. Some major manufacturing players are involved with lead generation for manufacturing companies. We at Alchemy MarketingLab have found that lead generation is integral to gaining new business. When you sign up for social media management with Alchemy MarketingLab, we include 1 white paper of content every 3 months. We write the content, format the landing page, and then get the landing page shared on social media channels. In doing this approach, we can generate hundreds of leads.  

Lead generation is important because your business requires leads to survive. Your sales team gets an extensive list of leads, and then you follow up with those leads to generate sales for your company. Manufacturing companies rely on leads, and we do too. For this reason, we are building a Center of Excellence around lead generation here at Alchemy MarketingLab. When we have our proficiency tested and approved, we will be able to bring your manufacturing enterprise the best in lead generation to build your business back better. 

Fifth, inbound business is a wonderful way to get more sales for the manufacturing enterprise. Alchemy MarketingLab has found that extra content for your manufacturing website makes a significant difference to achieving inbound business. The point of inbound business is that more people find you. To do this, you need to build up a business funnel with a massive top of the funnel. At the top of the funnel is the state of “awareness”. So, with inbound business, your first step is to dramatically increase the amount of awareness that the market has with your company. 

Social media advertising is a great and cost-effective way to do this. We have found that for a budget of $1000 a month, which is 10% of the cost of our social media management services, we can reach 30,000 – 100,000 people per month about your business. These people will have a positive brand impression with your business, and this creates incredible amounts of awareness about your company. 

Another wonderful way to get inbound business is through writing content for your website. Most manufacturing enterprises have 10-20 articles worth of content on their site. The high performing manufacturing enterprise should have a couple hundred articles of content on their website. When you have more web content on your website, you create opportunities to get found online. In other words, you create opportunities for people to find your articles, and read them and interact with your website. When people interact with your website, and get a positive brand impression, there is an opportunity for a new business deal. 

Inbound business through social media advertising and writing content are great. Social media is also an avenue for success with inbound business, as you get more people visiting your website through links back to your site from social media channels. The point of inbound business is that when you do the legwork and create opportunities to raise awareness, more people will visit your website and a percentage of them will do business with you.  

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