> Digital Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Digital Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Digital Marketing For Green Energy Companies

When you want to find results in digital marketing for green energy companies, there is often a lot of uncertainty in terms of how to move forward.

Usually, the fear is that your competition is paying top-dollar for digital marketing services, and generating business results because of this, and you don’t want to get left behind.

Truly, hiring a digital marketing agency is one of the best decisions a business can make.

Every aspect of digital marketing, from social media to SEO and everywhere in between, has been proven to generate real results for your balance sheet.

In addition, digital marketing for green energy companies matters because in order to stay competitive in a global economy that has both clean and dirty players, you must rely on digital marketing to stay ahead.

The good news is that digital marketing has never been more successful than right now.

The search engines are delivering results faster than ever before, and it’s about time that you bought in with some space on the information superhighway that actually makes it to the first page of Google and Bing.

The social media platforms now have sophisticated advertising exchanges, allowing you to build brand, experience engagement, and drive real results, faster and more accurately than ever before.

Green energy companies need to compete to stay ahead.

Some green energy companies already rely on digital marketing to add to brand, drive enterprise revenue, and build rapport with your prospects.

Many of you still haven’t made the investment in digital marketing, and your competitors are experiencing more business results because of their investment in digital marketing.

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Social Media For Green Energy Companies

Social Media For Green Energy Companies

A really important aspect of digital marketing for green energy companies is social media.

At Alchemy MarketingLab, social media is one of our points of success.

We have learned that social media is about a lot more than simply posting on Facebook (though we’re great at that too).

Social media has a lot to do with interacting with prospects in a way that brings them closer to a sale.

Social media also has a lot to do with interacting with businesses, that give you brand equity based on interactions with them.

Social media additionally has to do with networking, with prospects that you can easily find, that you can then interact with in order to achieve business results.

There are many different social media channels where you can achieve success.

Facebook is especially powerful because of the sheer number of users on Facebook, nearly 3 billion.

Many people associate Facebook with socializing and friends. And that’s true.

At the same time, there are millions of businesses with official Facebook pages, on Facebook.

When these pages are properly managed, and with social media campaigns to build followers from your prospects, you can dominate the market and gain new business, appointments, and sales, all because of your Facebook page.

Facebook is also important because of the Facebook Ads Exchange, their advertising platform.

We have used Facebook Ads to build followers inexpensively, to boost posts so that our posts get a greater reach and more interaction, to drive traffic to our website, and to generate leads.

Facebook Ads is a formidable advertising platform with the ability to drive your business into the success lane, and at Alchemy MarketingLab, we automatically designate a portion of your monthly budget toward Facebook Ads that build your followers, generate leads, and contribute to your online brand.

Next, and equally important for business purposes, is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the social network for businesses.

LinkedIn Social Media

Businesses large and small use LinkedIn to build their brand and to network, and we use it for business on a daily basis.

What’s interesting about LinkedIn is that the more you use LinkedIn, the more LinkedIn gives you business.

Alchemy MarketingLab recommends 5 LinkedIn posts a day both to your business page, as well as to your personal account, in order to optimize for best results.

LinkedIn wants to see that you are a pro at LinkedIn, and if you use it wisely, you could find yourself in the driver’s seat far more than you ever expected.

On another note, LinkedIn also has an advertising platform, and the LinkedIn advertising platform has proven to generate leads for business purposes very beautifully.

LinkedIn has groups that you can participate in to drum up business.

I have seen marketers write white papers, build a landing page for the white paper, and then post the landing page on LinkedIn Groups.

I have seen this strategy generate a thousand leads or more.

What could your business do with another thousand leads?

That’s the power of LinkedIn.

Twitter is the social network for establishing connections between two people because of mutual interests, for example, climate change.

We have seen countless phone calls from people that I reached out to on Twitter, asking for a conversation.

All you do is mention a person in a tweet, and ask them a question.

If they respond, you go back and forth a couple times, and then you get the phone number of that person for a 30 minute phone call.

That 30 minute call can lead to new business, to a new friend or colleague, and that can enhance your whole world.

Twitter is great for the strategy of thought leadership, where you join a new conversation and then lead the conversation based on the trust you earned from your previous tweets.

The topic of climate change is perfect for this.

If you are a green energy company, then you probably have a stance on climate change, and some have that statement articulated through a blog post or a company statement.

When you have a public stance, you clarify your position, and you gain brand equity.

For example, Alchemy MarketingLab has a stance both on electric vehicles and on the reliance on green energy for America’s electricity needs.

When you clarify where you stand, you can participate in the conversation, and sometimes you can make a statement that moves the needle.

There is a lot of power in moving the needle.

Instagram is the visual social network, where people post square pictures and images to add meaning to your brand.

A beautiful Instagram profile can make an enormous difference in terms of how you are perceived by your prospects.

The more you post, the more you build your brand.

In addition, when you build your brand, you also reach out to other businesses, some large and some small.

When you do this, you get to have an interaction with that business through a comment, and never underestimate the wealth of a well-placed comment.

Instagram shows off the imagery of your business, and you get to demonstrate your product, your company, and your employees to your followers and prospects.

There is a powerful move you can do on Instagram, where you post your image with hashtags, and get seen by millions of people.

Hashtags aren’t new, but the point is that there are influencers who are as powerful as a hashtag such as #greenenergy.

When you reach out to the right influencer, you can really move the market in your favor, often on a per-post basis and for a very reasonable fee.

Instagram is a powerful social network.

It has the added benefit that Facebook wholly owns Instagram.

Instagram has nearly a billion users, and Facebook bought Instagram for only $1 billion, though now it is worth at least 100 times that amount.

Because Facebook owns Instagram, ads on Instagram go through the Facebook Ads exchange.

You can still post ads directly from Instagram, but it’s the same platform.

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SEO For Green Energy Companies

SEO is a daunting and complicated industry, and is hard to understand, even for marketing professionals.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization“.

The point of SEO is to research, write, and link in order to get webpages and posts from your website more highly ranked on Google and more highly ranked on Bing.

Some of us have figured out how to do SEO successfully, and the key relies on 3 main facets of SEO:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. SEO Content
  3. Link Building

With keyword research, we take a dive into all the keywords that could possibly drive your business.

There are more relevant keywords than you think.

It’s important to understand the strategy of the “long tail” if you are going to be successful with SEO, and especially, with keyword research.

The way the long tail works is that the main keywords, of 1-2 words, or even 3 words, are usually already taken.

Even if you tried like vain to get those keywords ranked, it could still be difficult.

If SolarPower.com already has the first spot in Google, it’s probably not going anywhere.

However, when you come up with hundreds of long tail keywords, you may find that the competition for these keywords is not that significant.

The good news is there are proprietary SEO tools that help you find long tail keywords rather easily.

We have access to these tools.

When you use these tools, and compare results with the search engines of Google and Bing, you find that there are hundreds of keywords for which a green energy company can rank comfortably on Google, sending you plenty of search traffic along the way.

A powerful keyword research, when completed, gives you not only the keywords themselves but also the amount of search traffic per month for each keyword, so you know how difficult or easy it may be to rank for the keyword on Google.

With SEO Content, the point is made clear that when you get your keyword research completed, you are then supposed to write articles of content, usually posted on a blog. The article rule is this – one keyword per article.

That means you might be writing 500-1000 articles in the long tail, with each article covering a certain search term, though of course written with a human audience involved.

That’s a lot of work, but the good news is there are digital marketing agencies such as Alchemy MarketingLab who are able to do the keyword research, write the content, and optimize the content for the search engines.

It is also important to have your web pages of your website linking to each other.

Whenever you write a new piece of content, you are going to want to link to other pieces of content that you already have on your website and blog.

This strategy, called cross-linking, is very powerful at generating SEO results relatively quickly.

Finally, backlinks are known as links from other websites, back to your website.

In other words, another website posts a link to your website.

When these are dofollow links, there are a lot of SEO results attached to building those links.

Doing this can take considerable time and effort, and we recommend that you hire Alchemy MarketingLab as your digital marketing agency of record.

We have a long track record of success with SEO, and we are most proud of our results.

Work with Alchemy MarketingLab today to get started with your green energy company SEO.

Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies

At Alchemy MarketingLab, our clients succeed when they use our 100% original content to power their digital marketing.

We offer more than blog posts.

We also offer long-form content marketing such as white papers and eBooks for very reasonable prices.

Then, we help you build your marketing funnel, as we leverage social media, SEO, and PPC advertising to send web visitors to your content.

The reason why content marketing with white papers especially is so attractive is that you can achieve incredible results using these white papers for lead generation.

All you need is a landing page with an intake form featuring your prospect’s name, email address, phone number, job title, and company name.

With a beautifully formatted white paper, your business can generate hundreds or thousands of leads.

These leads can result in new business, and you can increase your business size considerably by taking action on those leads with marketing and sales.

Work with Alchemy MarketingLab to have us write the content that leads to your lead generation.

Ready to get started with white papers, blog posts, and more content? Reach out to us today at Alchemy MarketingLab, and call us at (248) 514-8721.

Marketing Analytics For Green Energy Companies

Marketing Analytics For Green Energy Companies

Analytics is so important for every business with a digital footprint.

Marketing analytics is equally important, because marketing analytics gives you the gift of measurement.

When you can measure your marketing performance, you can begin to establish marketing ROI, or return on investment.

There is a lot to marketing analytics.

It starts with the 3 types of analytics:

  1. Descriptive Analytics
  2. Prescriptive Analytics
  3. Predictive Analytics

With “Descriptive Analytics”, you analyze data in order to make more informed decisions about your business.

In this situation, descriptive analytics describes the data in order to understand the historical facts that explain the data.

With “Prescriptive Analytics”, you offer advice based on the data that allows you to define the optimal actions that help you make better business decisions.

With “Predictive Analytics”, you make predictions about business outcomes based on the historical data you have, while leveraging statistical modeling (regression analysis) and machine learning.

Marketing analytics with Alchemy MarketingLab offers a bit of all three.

We describe the data, we offer advice, and we predict future outcomes, based on a wealth of data from your website, social media platform, search engine performance, and PPC advertising.

Marketing analytics comes included with our offerings at Alchemy MarketingLab.

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