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Content Marketing For Manufacturing 

Content Marketing For Manufacturing

Content marketing for manufacturing is a really integral aspect of business.

When you do content marketing for your manufacturing firm, you get a much more high-performance website.

At Alchemy MarketingLab, our strategic approach to content marketing makes sure that you get a massive percentage increase in web traffic to your website.

In addition, content marketing is more than simply adding more pages to your website.

We also write white papers and ebooks on your behalf, and circulate the white papers and ebooks to tens of thousands of manufacturing personnel.

By employing this strategy, we generate hundreds and sometimes thousands of leads for you. 

The first aspect of content marketing for manufacturing is with web pages. We write a hundred articles for you or more, each month, posting them seamlessly to your website. Because of the way we write these articles and optimize them, we get a majority of them ranked on Google and Bing, automatically.  

The second aspect of manufacturing content marketing is with white papers and ebooks. The idea here is that you write a white paper, and then offer it for free in exchange for lead information. When we implement this approach, we generate hundreds or thousands of leads per white paper, and then we give these leads to you and your sales team. 

What we do best at Alchemy MarketingLab is intersperse the white paper offer within the web pages we write for you. Every few hundred words or so, we offer the white paper in text. In this way, when you get these articles ranked on Google and Bing, you can then generate leads because of the white paper offer within the text.  

What we’re getting at here is that content marketing works for manufacturing companies. Most manufacturers have dated websites without much content. However, when you add content to your website, you get more opportunities for web visitors. More content = more web traffic. More web traffic = more sales. This makes some intuitive sense, and the point here is that content marketing makes a difference for your business. 

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Why Content Marketing For Manufacturing

Content Marketing For Manufacturing

Content marketing for manufacturing is more important than you could know. The point of content marketing for manufacturing is to get more people to your website to read your content. Interestingly, you can also then share this new content on social media, and that gets web traffic to your website. The rule of thumb is that social media can add 20-40% to your web traffic per month, and that makes social media a nice investment. 

In the interim, you need to write the content before you can share it on social media. And it’s imperative that you get the content ranked on the search engines Google and Bing through SEO – this is something Alchemy MarketingLab specializes in. Whenever we write an article of content for you, we optimize the content for the search engines – and for the reader – while we write the article. We add in sub-keywords, meta tags, internal and external links, and we make sure the meta description is perfect. By factoring in these elements into your reader-focused content, we make sure that you get as many people viewing your content as possible. 

We believe that by investing in content marketing, you can really increase your web traffic to your website. We really believe that content is integral to your website optimization efforts. When you have Alchemy MarketingLab write content for your website, the first thing to do is to speak to your audience. 

You have to know who your audience is before you write an article. In this article, we are writing to manufacturing CEOs, and manufacturing marketing managers. When you want to go big with your efforts to succeed online, content marketing is more important than ever before. With major corporations all going with a content marketing approach, such as Salesforce or Adobe, and GE too – you can really see how content marketing makes a big difference to the overall approach. 

The approach goes as follows – organize and write content. Then, intersperse white papers and ebooks  – called lead magnets. These are called lead magnets because you intersperse them in your content, and they attract leads to sign up for your white papers and ebooks. Develop a content strategy that is both topical and business-driven. In other words, you want to have the major topics for your content marketing at the forefront of your mind. At the same time, you also want to write content that moves your business forward. 

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The Content Marketing Approach For Corporations – And Middle-Market Companies, Too 

Content Marketing For Manufacturing

We previously mentioned that Salesforce, Adobe, and GE all do content marketing in order to generate leads and add leads to the sales opportunity pipeline. Let’s look at GE, because this is after all content marketing for manufacturing companies. 

Here is a link to GE’s Additive Manufacturing Page

Note how GE introduces a new product, the Amp (TM) software platform, and then immediately after offers you an opportunity to download a white paper. This is content marketing for a manufacturing company. By offering the download for a white paper, GE generates a lead opportunity with every single download. Obviously, GE has a sophisticated sales cycle with lead nurturing, lead scoring, and organized follow-up. The point is that major manufacturing companies are doing lead generation, and you should too. 

Not only are major manufacturing companies doing lead generation, they are doing this lead generation through a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is useful for every business unit in your company, as well as every type of customer. Both product-centric and customer-centric content makes sense to write and publish. Not to mention, promote on social media. When you do content marketing, you make an investment in the marketing and sales funnel of your business. You really increase your lead pipeline, and opportunity pipeline. And you help gain new business. 

Middle-market manufacturing companies would also benefit from a content marketing approach. Similar to the example above, middle-market manufacturing companies can write white papers for each section of their website – not to mention, for each business unit and product offering. When you offer this white paper for free in exchange for lead information, you can really drive your business forward, with qualified leads coming into your sales team through an automated pipeline. Talk about automated processes. 

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Content Marketing Tips For Manufacturing 

Content Marketing For Manufacturing

When doing content marketing for manufacturing, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to develop a content strategy. Second, you want to develop a content hierarchy. Third, make sure your content demonstrates authority in your market. Fourth, see to it that content marketing fulfills a business objective. Fifth, understand your audience. These five factors are great to keep in mind, and will help you outperform with your content marketing. 

First, develop a content strategy. The first step in developing a content strategy is defining a goal for the content. Common goals include building the manufacturing company’s brand, or lead generation, or reader engagement. Identify what assets and content you already have. Explore what assets and content you should create. Focus on why you should create these pieces of content. Important, you should think about the topics around which you create content. And think about what the is the purpose of each piece of content. What do you want to achieve with each piece of content? Consider the objective of your content, and write content for a certain audience. 

Second, develop a content hierarchy. You want to organize your content in such a way that you have main content pages for each of your core content topics. Then, you want to write sub-articles for each of the main content pages, for each content topic. So you have content topics, and then main content pages per each topic, and then sub-pages for each main topic. The hierarchy of this, in other words the organization of it, should be structured before you write the content. You can always optimize it after you have already started writing your content. At Alchemy MarketingLab we have found that you can have a good 100 useful sub-topics for a given topic. Then, you write 10-20 articles for each sub-topic. This gives you thousands of articles of content to write, and that makes for a resourceful website. 

Third, your content should demonstrate authority. You want to write the article to communicate your authority on a given topic. When you do this, you demonstrate to the market and to the reader that you have the intangibles that are so often important to doing business. When you demonstrate authority, you can factor in different ways to do this. For example, you can answer questions that you believe your audience has. Another way to demonstrate authority is to highlight proof of information with statistics and links to relevant documents. Additionally, authority through association works, for example, mentioning that you are a certified Google AdWords Partner, a HubSpot certified professional, etc. When you demonstrate authority, your audience is assured that they have come to the right place, and they prepare to buy from you. 

Fourth, your content marketing should fulfill a business objective. Rather than simply writing a piece of content for a given audience, the point is that your content should each fulfill a business objective. An important part of this process is identifying your business objectives as they relate to your content marketing. For example, business objectives could include more website traffic, more reader engagement, more time on site, more clicks to lead magnets, more downloads, more signups for social media, more sales, etc. Usually, you have the action you want your reader to take – to fulfill the business objective – at the bottom of the article as a CTA – call to action. You can also have CTAs interspersed within the article and content, at the top, middle, and bottom. 

Fifth, you should understand your audience. It is imperative that you have a good grip on who you are writing to when you craft your content. The way to do this is by creating buyer personas. A buyer persona is a document that you write that takes your standard reader and personifies them, with a name, an age, and life circumstances that correlate to your prospects. The more detail you place in your buyer persona, the more accurate your content will be. You will also want to emphasize descriptions of their fears, frustrations, hopes, dreams, and ambitions. When you understand these nuances, you really can dive down into the prospect’s mentalities, and this is essential to writing great content that speaks to their motivations – and inspires action. 

When you keep these five factors in mind, you create opportunity to achieve with content marketing for manufacturing.  

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Content Types For Manufacturing Companies 

Content Marketing For Manufacturing

There are so many ways to write content these days. Usually, when you think of content, the first thought is in reference to web pages and posts that express content on your website. However, there are so many forms of content to consider, and your content marketing should include at least a few of these options: 

  1. White Papers & Ebooks. 
  1. Web Page Content. 
  1. Thought leadership. 
  1. Instructional / Educational. 
  1. Case Studies. 
  1. Research. 

Let’s start with white papers and ebooks. Writing a white paper takes its fair share of effort, but the business results are truly incredible. What we at Alchemy MarketingLab have found is that white papers and ebooks are an incredible option for lead generation. The best practice is to have a white paper for each business unit, and to be sure, for each major product that you offer. If you have three main types of product, then each product likely solves a different problem. You will want to write and format a white paper that explains how to solve the customer’s problem. We write the white paper in such a way as to generate awareness and interest in the product. Then, we continue to elucidate important information, and that gets the prospect to consider purchasing your product. Finally, we help to get the prospect from consideration to sale or purchase. When you do this, you have qualified the lead significantly, simply by having them read your white paper. To be sure, many people who download white papers don’t actually read them. However, simply because you have had them download the white paper, you have generated a marketing qualified lead – and that is worth its weight in gold. 

Second, we have web page content. Web page content is very powerful for your business, when combined with the right content strategy. The content strategy often involves research into the major topics for your web content. Then, you do research into the sub-topics that you will then write articles about as well. You will quickly find that there is a lot of work to do. And to be sure, having a content marketing company such as Alchemy MarketingLab will do wonders for you, as we generate hundreds of pieces of content for you and help get you business results. The silver line is to write web content in such a way that is readable, interesting, and informative, and also has an expected business objective as well. Content written for the buyer personas can be very promising. With Alchemy MarketingLab, we tend to write about 100 pieces of content for your website per month. Each piece of content stands a good chance of getting ranked on Google and Bing. In addition, you get more web visitors, more lead magnet downloads, and more sales opportunities. 

Third, we have thought leadership. With thought leadership, the name of the game is to enter into a market conversation, and join the conversation first, and then move the conversation in your favor until you lead the conversation. The way to do this is by building trust with strong content that appeals to the reader’s emotions while also demonstrating authority. As you build trust, you get seen as a market resource, and the more resourceful you present yourself, the more leadership is given. The secret to thought leadership, as with leadership itself, is that the best leaders are given more power because they are trusted and are seen as adding considerably to the conversation with powerful input that gets results consistently. So establish yourself as a thought leader, and you will find that more business happens naturally as a result. 

Fourth, we have instructional and educational content. The more you teach your readers interesting things related to your business, the more you build trust and authority. Becoming a business teacher makes sense for content marketing, because your brand builds itself to a position of leadership. When you teach something to another person, they see you as having more authority, and authority gets sales. So educational content makes sense for any content marketing strategy. 

Fifth, we have case studies. A case study is a document outlining your work in helping a customer previously, and identifying how your product solved your customer’s problem, addressed their objections, delivered results, and showcases how your product accomplished all of the above – while highlighting the benefits of the product along the way. Case studies are really powerful marketing materials when you have had success with customers and clients along the way. They get you into the driver’s seat to get a sale because the prospect often pictures themself as the customer who got the problem solved and achieved the business result. 

Sixth, we have company research. There is so much emphasis on sales-driven content, that most companies neglect to reveal their research. However, when a company engages in market research internally, they can often times translate that market research into content for their audience. This content is informative to a great extent, and often achieves the objective of positioning you as an authority. Think about Forrester and Gartner, two main authorities in market research. These two companies routinely engage in research and then release their research to the public, and often for a fee. Their research is the best, and reflects their market position as the ultimate authority. When you have research published on your web and social media sites, you gain the benefit of building authority while demonstrating business prowess. Thus, we recommend writing company research reports to publish as well, perhaps about the “State Of The Industry”. 

Content Marketing For Manufacturing To Achieve Results 

When you want to achieve results with content marketing for manufacturing, the best practice is to write white papers and ebooks for every product line and business unit you have. Generally, you want this white paper or ebook to be placed on the product page, along with some introductory content about the product. When someone visits your page, they can easily see the white paper, and they can download it for free in exchange for lead information. The understanding is this process should become formulaic. When you have a new product or business unit, you should certainly make sure that you have a white paper written for this circumstance. Whenever you have a white paper, don’t forget to circulate your white paper on social media groups, especially on LinkedIn. 

Circulating your white paper on LinkedIn Groups can be very advantageous for you. We have done this method before, and generated hundreds of leads. The idea here is to write your white paper, and then format a landing page where you can download the white paper for free in exchange for contact information – this constitutes a lead. When you do this, you then go to LinkedIn Groups and join as many groups as you can where your prospects are congregating. Then, one time per day, you post on each group about your white paper, mentioning a free ebook, etc. When you do this, you position yourself to generate hundreds of leads, and you can translate this into sales very quickly with the right sales follow-up strategy. 

When you want to achieve business results through content marketing, you need to identify ahead of time what those results are going to need to be. In other words, you want to clarify your objective for your content – your business objectives. You might have a certain number of leads that you want to generate per white paper. You might have a certain percentage increase in page views. Regardless, when you focus on achieving results, and defining the results you want, then your content marketing will be that much better. 

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