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Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies 

Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Content marketing for green energy companies is an exciting, rewarding, and successful option for green businesses seeking to gain new business. 

Green energy companies are always looking to gain an advantage in a very competitive market. 

Marketing, and especially content marketing, plays a major role in getting businesses to success. 

While many businesses achieve great things, the businesses that gain success and multiply earnings are all experts at marketing. 

Marketing is a difference-maker for green energy companies. 

Knowing marketing is half the battle, and the other half is implementing favorable marketing strategies. 

Here at Alchemy MarketingLab, we bring both the knowledge and the implementation to our digital marketing agency.

We understand marketing like few others, and content marketing is an area in which we excel. 

We believe that understanding and implementing marketing strategies are crucial to your success. 

At every turn, businesses that understand marketing succeed, while businesses that don’t invest in marketing don’t make as much money. 

Marketing makes money. 

That’s a truth that Alchemy MarketingLab firmly believes in. 

The question therefore, is what kind of marketing is right for my business to implement. 

When you think of all the elements of marketing that are available now, from digital marketing to social media to SEO to content marketing and more, there are a lot of tools in your marketing arsenal. 

Today, we will identify the core understandings about content marketing. 

And we will apply these understandings to your business and green energy companies everywhere for the purpose of gaining new business through content marketing. 

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What Is Content Marketing, Exactly? 

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing dedicated to using content – videos, white papers, web articles, etc. – to market a given business. 

Content marketing is especially successful when used in conjunction with SEO to build a bigger and more high performance online presence. 

To many marketers, content marketing is often about blog posts based on keyword research – that’s big in SEO as well. 

To be sure, there is a lot of content in SEO and social media. 

But content marketing is about more than the content on your website. 

Content marketing is about white papers – long form content that you get to read after entering your name, email address and company contact information. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we write beautiful white papers that generate leads for your business and can help get you new sales. 

Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves content creation.  

When you research content marketing, you learn about things such as content strategy, and content hierarchy, and content organization, and content segmentation, etc. 

At its core, content marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that allows you to communicate in depth with your prospects. 

In a sense, content marketing is one of the best ways to get through to your prospects, and lead them down the marketing funnel and in the direction of a sale. 

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Is Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies Hard To Do? 

Content Marketing Is Hard

Content marketing is hard to do in the sense of quantity. 

In order to be successful with content marketing, you often need to write hundreds of articles, in order for a few of them to break through to the client. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a few well-placed pieces of content for your business to start cruising. 

For example, your business could publish a white paper about a specific aspect of your business that is both interesting and intriguing. 

By circulating that white paper widely on social media, you could generate hundreds or thousands of leads from a single white paper. 

After you generate the leads, you then have both a marketing strategy and a sales strategy. 

The marketing strategy involves writing content for the leads to bring them down the marketing funnel, using social media, email marketing, and web content to generate results. 

At the first stage of the marketing funnel, you have awareness. 

This is when businesses first learn about you, and have a positive brand impression. 

The second stage of the marketing funnel is where you have interest. 

This is where the prospect is now interested in your business. 

The third stage of the marketing funnel is the consideration phase. 

At consideration, the prospect is now considering the business from a number of options, and you are one of their options. 

The fourth stage of the marketing funnel is the purchase. 

This is where the prospect makes a decision, and prepares to buy. 

If you are doing content marketing proficiently, you will likely find that a large percentage of prospects will become your customers. 

Next, you also have a sales strategy. 

The sales strategy involves reaching out to the leads generated by the white paper. 

With powerful sales messaging, you can convert a percentage of leads generated into sales. 

The remaining leads go back into the marketing funnel, with a content strategy prepared to bring these leads into the sales column with more content marketing. 

Here at Alchemy MarketingLab, we specialize in the marketing strategy of content marketing, combined with continuous content delivered to the prospect in order to lead them down the marketing funnel to a purchase. 

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How Do Green Energy Companies Benefit From Content Marketing? 

Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies

Content marketing for green energy companies is a strategy that can deliver powerful results. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, content marketing goes hand in hand with a marketing funnel strategy that leads prospects down the marketing funnel and in the direction of a sale. 

In fact, we have utilized the content marketing funnel strategy. 

This strategy is an omnichannel marketing strategy. 

What this means is that the strategy is applicable across marketing media channels, from social media to email marketing to PPC and with the use of SEO content as well. 

Generally, content marketing is much more than publishing articles on a website. 

Green energy companies benefit from content marketing primarily because of the lead generation opportunity that arises when you have a great piece of compelling, long-form content. 

The opportunity to generate leads is an opportunity that most businesses overlook to some extent. 

At the same time, lead generation has proven to work for hundreds of thousands of businesses. 

All you need is a compelling piece of content that you offer in exchange for the lead. 

Then, the next step is marketing that piece of content far and wide, in order to encourage signups to download the compelling piece of content.  

Green energy companies have a lot of opportunity to craft a compelling piece of content in exchange for lead information. 

Whether you represent a solar energy company, a geothermal company, or anything similar, you likely have leads and prospects that you would like to generate sales with. 

It is also likely that you have a business process for turning prospects into customers. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we work with your existing business processes to turn prospects into paying customers that can help you gain more market access. 

Then, we optimize your processes by adding in content marketing funnel opportunities, whether the process is a marketing process or a sales process. 

If you do have leads, we can help you build a content marketing funnel that covers website, social media, and email. 

By building content marketing into the marketing funnel, you can take your prospects from awareness to interest, from interest to consideration, and from consideration to purchase. 

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How Content Marketing Helps Your Business 

Content Marketing Green Business

Content marketing is very powerful for green energy companies, and it really helps your business. 

The number 1 way that content marketing helps your business is through lead generation. 

When you have an ace white paper that cuts through the clutter, you can convert that interest into new business opportunities that you then follow up through sales. 

The number 2 way that content marketing helps your business is through marketing funnel development. 

When you have a powerful marketing funnel, you can take your prospect by the hand and lead them down the aisle of business and toward the conversion of prospect into customer. 

Marketing funnel development is a very advanced concept, that has a lot of theoretical underpinnings with corporate business practices. 

The concept is that your prospects are somewhere along your marketing funnel. 

Then, you present content to your prospect that leads that prospect to the next phase of the marketing funnel, and in the direction of a sale. 

The first phase of the marketing funnel is “Awareness”. 

Thus, you need to present content to the market that converts people that have never heard of you into prospects with a positive brand impression. 

The second phase of the marketing funnel is “Interest”. 

Here, you write content for those prospects that have now heard of you, to generate interest in such a way that they would consider you when they go into their decision-making about where to buy. 

The third phase of the marketing funnel is “Consideration”. 

Here, the prospect is considering whom to buy from.  

Thus, you create content here that speaks to benefits, solves customer problems, and offers more opportunity so that as the prospect forms his or her decision about where to buy, they will want to buy from you. 

The fourth phase of the marketing funnel is “Purchase”. 

Here, you create content that asks for the sale, encourages the purchase, and offers specific benefits and perks such as discounts, sale prices, bonus offerings, and anything else that realistically drives the sales process forward. 

This is the essence of marketing funnel development, and content marketing funnel strategy considers this in depth when determining the pieces of content to develop that will cause people to walk through their customer journey, and to a sale – and beyond. 

Content marketing is central to this understanding, and when a content marketing strategy involves marketing funnel development, businesses tend to see really superior results. 

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Our 4 Step Process To Turn Content Marketing For Green Energy Companies Into Sales 

Content Marketing Sales Funnel

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we have a 4 step process to turn content marketing into sales for ourselves and our clients. 

The first step is “Content”. 

Step 1. Content.  

With “Content”, we begin by strategizing about the content we want to write.  

We do thorough research into topics and subtopics that we then write content about. 

We develop breakthrough content that speaks to the customer with respect to the marketing funnel. 

With beautiful imagery and design, we take this content, frequently in the form of a white paper, and we make it perfect. 

The end result is a series of white papers that require user information in order to access. 

The second step is “Lead Generation”. 

Step 2. Lead Generation.  

With “Lead Generation”, we take this perfect piece of content, and we build a landing page for the content. 

On the landing page, you will find a lead intake form asking for the prospect’s name, email address, phone number, company name, and job title. 

After the landing page is approved and complete, we then take the web page to the social media sites we know and love – especially, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 

On LinkedIn, we join dozens of LinkedIn groups where professionals congregate and we share the content with a link. 

We post one or two times per day to each of 10-100 groups. 

On Facebook, we similarly join Facebook groups for professionals in your industry. 

We share the post in total dozens of times per day, in large groups where content is welcomed. 

On Twitter, we post the content with relevant hashtags that cause more people to read the content than you might expect. 

The end result is hundreds or thousands of leads per white paper. 

There is so much potential in a piece of content with the opportunity to generate thousands of leads. 

The third step is “More Content”. 

Step 3. More Content.  

With “More Content”, you create secondary content – posts, articles, and white papers – for the people that have already downloaded your white paper in exchange for their lead information. 

The secondary content meets where your prospects are at in the marketing funnel, and brings them ever closer to a sale, through the interest phase, into the consideration phase, and into the purchase phase. 

The marketing funnel concept is not a new development to business, though a surprising number of businesses do not know about it. 

Most businesses that involve themselves with the marketing funnel approach find success immediately. 

The understanding is that when you develop your marketing funnel, you take advantage of a continuous marketing process that makes the most out of every lead we generate for you. 

Lead generation is one of the most valuable aspects of business, though most businesses don’t know what to do with their leads. 

Obviously, you want your sales team to follow up with leads generated through content marketing. 

However, you may find that sales follow up closes only a percentage of your leads, because many of these leads aren’t yet “warmed up”. 

In other words, these leads need to become Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), and later Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). 

The purpose of “More Content”, therefore, is to turn these leads from cold prospects into warmed up sales opportunities that your sales team will have a much easier experience closing. 

By creating more content for every stage of the marketing funnel, you will find that your prospects become more familiar with your business, and this creates opportunity for you to close these prospects as customers in the future. 

The understanding being, the extra content leads the prospect through the marketing funnel and to a purchase opportunity. 

Because the leads were already generated from the content marketing, the majority of these leads are already in the interest phase, and possibly the consideration phase. 

Thus, in step 3, we generate content that brings the prospect from the interest phase to the consideration phase, and from the consideration phase to the purchase phase. 

This directly correlates with more business generated. 

Step 4. Sales. 

The fourth step to this process is getting the sale. 

The major point is that this step comes after writing extra content for the leads you generated, to warm them up for a sale. 

At this point, you have done significant amounts of content marketing. 

Your prospects are now ready for follow-ups from your sales team, that will close at a significantly higher percentage because of the content marketing after you generated your leads. 

In addition, there is also specific content that we create here that gets the purchase. 

Because your leads are now in the purchase phase of your marketing funnel, we here create content that directly asks for the sale, whether through email marketing or social media, and also on your website. 

This creates a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). 

The point to keep in mind is that sales professionals rely on warm leads to close business. 

Your sales team will be very grateful for content marketing that warms up leads, as they will have a much easier time closing business after content marketing and marketing funnel development. 

Content that asks for the sale often involves “buy now” language and sales triggers that cause sales, as well as incentive purchase behavior. 

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Blog Posts For Green Energy Companies 

Blog Post for Green Energy

Green energy companies thrive on good content that drives web visitors, brings prospects through the marketing funnel, and generates sales activity. 

Oftentimes, content marketing takes the form of blog posts, though we are not referring to writing one or 10 blog posts. 

The understanding is that for an investment, you get 40-200 blog posts per month that are part of a broader content strategy, involving a content marketing funnel. 

Blog posts are usually 1,000 words, and the best blog posts are the ones that are interconnected. 

By developing a keyword and content strategy, we can write blog posts that bring your prospect through the marketing funnel, and in the direction of a sale. 

Some green energy companies are looking for specific articles to write, and Alchemy MarketingLab can help. 

Our experienced content professionals can seamlessly craft content that fits in with your broader marketing objectives. 

Website Content For Green Energy Companies 

Building out your website is often a tedious task. 

While you have marketing professionals in your office, they might not have the content credentials that you are looking for. 

Alchemy MarketingLab brings the professionalism and high quality you are looking for to the marketing mix. 

Website content could take the form of major page content. 

We at Alchemy MarketingLab recommend lead intake forms on your major web page content, in order to drum up business and present interested prospects with the opportunity to take the next step with your business. 

At the same time, knowledge of the marketing funnel is essential to generating interest from your website content. 

As we stated before, the marketing funnel consists of four major phases. 

Phase 1 is awareness. 

Phase 2 is interest. 

Phase 3 is consideration. 

Phase 4 is purchase. 

In order to bring your prospects through the marketing funnel, you need website content that meets your prospects where you are at, and then leads them to the next phase in the marketing funnel. 

Creating website content that generates business is one of our strong points, and we are grateful to work with you. 

White Papers For Green Energy Companies 

Solar Energy

In our view, white papers are a powerful element to the marketing mix. 

When you write a white paper, you create a lead generation opportunity. 

Lead generation is essential to a strong sales strategy. 

At Alchemy MarketingLab, we believe in the integration of marketing and sales strategy. 

The white paper itself handles all 4 phases of the marketing funnel. 

We write the white paper to bring the prospect from awareness, at the beginning of the white paper, to interest, then consideration, and finally to purchase by the end of the article. 

You may also find that some white papers are best when written specifically for one phase of the marketing funnel. 

We also factor in a beautiful design to the white paper, with edits and revisions included until the white paper is something your business can be proud to circulate. 

When we write a white paper on your behalf, we then implement our process for generating leads. 

Primarily using social media to complete this objective, we share the white paper widely on LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups, and through social media advertising. 

This strategy has resulted in generating hundreds or thousands of leads per marketing campaign. 

When we do this, your sales team will have a lot of work to do. 

Lots of Salesforce CRM, plenty of followup, and plenty of lead nurturing. 

We continue the marketing efforts through a marketing funnel development that continues to nurture the leads with continuous content that leads the prospect through the marketing funnel, making it easier for sales teams to close deals. 

This combination of marketing strategy and sales strategy is a part of our content marketing efforts. 

You will be very interested in the results we are capable of delivering for you. 

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