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About Alchemy MarketingLab

At the intersection of inspiration & conversion.

Alchemy MarketingLab Intersection of Inspiration & Conversion

Alchemy MarketingLab offers you the best in Social Media, SEO, and Web Design. Taking inspiration from Los Angeles, California and the entertainment and fashion industries, Alchemy MarketingLab works overtime to represent your brand beautifully to the many spheres of social media. Work with Alchemy MarketingLab to get your ideas into action and your brand into business.

Alchemy MarketingLab Social Media

Alchemy MarketingLab Social Media is a favored offering from a company that compels response and invites you to experience the best that social media management can offer. From beautiful Instagram accounts to strategic brand management, Alchemy MarketingLab Social Media is a smart choice for the enterprising entrepreneur.

Alchemy MarketingLab SEO

Alchemy MarketingLab SEO is veritably one of the best opportunities for your business in a long while. We have a strategic methodology for getting articles ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing, and we have a nearly 100% success rate page by page. We optimize images, mix keywords into text naturally, and responsibly link to ensure your success.

Alchemy MarketingLab Web Design

Alchemy MarketingLab Web Design gets your website built on the WordPress platform. WordPress is  design and content management system that powers nearly 40% of websites on the internet, and our experienced developers are talented at customizing WordPress to present a powerful website that builds brand and generates sales.

Social Media Management

Alchemy MarketingLab offers daily posting, weekly content calendar, and monthly analytics reports. 

SEO Content

Alchemy MarketingLab SEO leverages our best in developing content that gets ranked on page 1 for Google and Bing. 

Web Design With WordPress

Alchemy MarketingLab designs websites on the WordPress platform, ensuring the highest quality and editability for your professional website. 

Social Media Content Calendar

Alchemy MarketingLab uses proprietary tools to implement the best social media practices through a content calendar that our clients can view through a login. 

SEO Keyword Research & Backlinks

Alchemy MarketingLab gets strategic with keyword research that uncovers for your business the keywords that need content in order to get ranked on the search engines. 

Customized WordPress Websites

Alchemy MarketingLab customizes WordPress websites, presenting a beautiful and functional finished product that adds to brand and generates sales. 

Our Team

Get to know these incredible people that we appreciate so much!

Auren Kaplan
- CEO @ Alchemy MarketingLab
Social Media Manager
- Now Hiring @ Alchemy MarketingLab
Senior Sales Manager
- Now Hiring @ Alchemy MarketingLab
Traffic & Conversion Optimization Specialist
- Now Hiring @ Alchemy MarketingLab
Social Media Management
Social Media Management
Social Media Management by Alchemy MarketingLab brings the best in online new media to your company, positioning your for so much success.
SEO Content + Keyword Research + Backlinks
SEO Content + Keyword Research + Backlinks
Alchemy MarketingLab SEO gets anywhere from tens to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pages ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing for your search success terms.
Web Design
Web Design
Alchemy MarketingLab Web Design brings the best web development money can buy, with proficiency, style, and success.
Monthly Analytics
Monthly Analytics
Alchemy MarketingLab Monthly Analytics gets you the details on the information that runs the online side of your business.

Ready To Hire Alchemy MarketingLab?

Alchemy MarketingLab is a beautiful SEO & social media agency built for you.

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us to talk about your social media, digital marketing, and more, and see if Alchemy MarketingLab is the right fit for you.