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Social Media Strategies for Manufacturing

In this interesting and informative article, we will uncover the most important social media strategies for manufacturing companies. Social media strategies are ideas and plans that you can implement with your social media management. The marriage of social media and manufacturing is a little strange for the typical manufacturing decision-maker, but more and more manufacturing companies are signing on for social media management. Some of them are succeeding. Read on to get ideas on how to become one of them. 

Why Social Media Strategies Don’t Need to Be So Complicated – Keep It Simple 

The beauty of social media strategy is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  

Optimal social media management has already been mastered and perfected. 

The point of this being that we in the heights of marketing have already figured out how to master the social media posting game. 

We know what we’re doing. 

With all due respect to the newbies, many people try to get overly complicated with social media strategies. 

We prefer the strategy of simplicity. 

People skim their social media feeds on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

And it’s usually a 1-second choice in their mind as to whether to read the post, click the link, or swipe away. 

Thus, the strategy of simplicity says, what’s the 1 thing I can say to get the interest of my followers? 

In other words, what’s the 1 word or phrase that I can place in my Facebook feed in order to get the engagement I am looking for? 

For manufacturing companies, keeping it simple means following slogans that are tried and true for getting sales. 

Try the phrase Made in the USA in your social media feed as a manufacturer and you will likely see better than average engagement. 

The point here is that when you simplify your thinking process for social media posting, you actually get a more optimal result. 

How Social Media Strategies Can Attract New Prospects – Become A Magnet for Leads 

Social Media Strategies for Manufacturing

Social media strategies often revolve around engagement, though lead generation is becoming increasingly more popular.

It’s imperative that you have what we call lead magnets that attract new visitors to sign up and give your lead information. 

Leads are the lifeline of the sales teams.  

A good influx of leads can really help a business take off and establish some core revenues. 

The social media strategy of lead generation is the strategy that you should employ with your social media marketing. 

Simply put, you write what we call a lead magnet.  

You then intersperse the lead magnet in your blog posts and website content. 

As your SEO improves and you experience increases in web traffic, you may also expect to experience more people accessing your lead magnet. 

An example of a lead magnet is a white paper, eBook, case study, or some other form of material that you can access in exchange for contact information. 

What To Do When You Aren’t Sure About Social Media for Manufacturing – Hire A Marketing Agency 

Social Media Strategies for Manufacturing

A great idea that we’ve thought of long before is to hire a marketing agency to handle your social media for you. 

We’re going to give you the run of the mill here. 

First, there’s Thomasnet

They are more expensive, and give you stock social media performance that is the same for every company that comes their way. 

Second, there’s WebFX

They are really cheap, but you’re not getting more than a couple posts a day, and the detail is rather lacking. 

Third, there’s Alchemy MarketingLab

Alchemy is priced competitively with Thomasnet, but gets you as much as 10-15 posts per day on each of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  

In addition, you also get brand outreach to the Fortune 500, and 10% of the budget for social media advertisements. 

If we had to choose, we’d go with Alchemy MarketingLab – that’s an easy and obvious choice. 

Social Media Strategy for Manufacturing: Build Your Marketing Funnel 

Social media marketing is really great for the top of the marketing funnel. 

For much of the marketing funnel, you are dealing with prospects. 

  1. First, they become aware of you 
  2. Then, they decide if they’re interested. 
  3. Next, they decide if they’ll consider you. 
  4. Finally, they decide if they’ll buy from you. 

Social media marketing is especially about that first step – creating awareness that we exist in the first place. 

Jaw drops. 

This is actually the most important part of marketing. 

When people know you exist for the first time, are they going to have a good impression?  

That’s called customer experience. 

Marketing lets you control the message, for the sake of having power over that first moment. 

Companies get to define how they are perceived by the market. 

Social media is the tool that gets you there. 

Why Only 3% Of Your Prospects Will Buy from You 

Social Media Strategy for Manufacturers

They say in sales that only 10% of your prospects are actually interested in buying from you at any given time. 

That means that 90% of your prospects aren’t interested right now. 

What’s more, they say that only 3% of your prospects are actually ready to buy. 

What this means is that you are marketing to the 100% in order to reach the 3%. 

This is so interesting from a social media stance. 

When you have the opportunity to market to a large group of people, Millennials will always think social media first. 

With the power of social media advertising, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people for an affordable price. 

You may also benefit from SEO for manufacturing and content marketing for manufacturing.

For most of these people, it could be the first time they have ever heard of your manufacturing company. 

Because of this, you have the opportunity to have a positive brand impression, and that is good for brand. 

A small percentage of those people are ready to buy right now. 

But that’s not the point. 

You market to the masses the message that will resonate with those who are ready to buy. 

Thank you for reading from the Alchemy MarketingLab blog, and we look forward to doing business with you!  

Have a beautiful and blessed day. 

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