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Social Media Strategies

What Are The 4 Best Social Media Strategies?

There are so many social media strategies that make a big difference for you. At the same time, social media strategy is a big part of the game of social media management, otherwise known as taking your social media game pro. While many social media managers clock in to work, many more hope to work independently, starting their own business in social media strategy and management. For these people, we recommend the following 4 social media strategies. When you follow through on these strategies, you set yourself on a path to success that can help you achieve greatly with your social media agency or company. 

Who Is This Article For? 

Social Media Strategies

This article is for social media managers, digital marketing practitioners, and entrepreneurs that want to do social media management as part of building a social media agency or digital marketing agency.  

If you fit the above description, then this article is certainly for you. 

We at Alchemy MarketingLab have found that the 4 social media strategies mentioned in this document are all “best practices” that you can implement immediately. 

When you implement these social media strategies, you will find that the quality of your work improves dramatically. 

We are sure that social media strategy is an important component of any social media agency. 

Our social media agency focuses on social media for green energy and social media for manufacturing.

Usually, people define and then implement a social media strategy in the beginning of a new client relationship. 

But at the same time, social media strategy is applicable at all times, and often changes based on the needs and demands of your boss or your client. 

Regardless, social media strategies are the over-arching pillars to keep in mind as you build your social media offering. 

When you apply social media strategies to your work or your business, you will see immediate success. 

Social Media Strategy 1: Consistent, regular posting 

The first and most important social media strategy is to be posting consistently and regularly on social media channels. 

You want to post every day, multiple times per day, and you want to keep your posts coming in consistently. 

Some social media managers post at random intervals. 

We find that you can time your social media posts at points of more traffic on the social media sites, and thus this makes sense. 

At the same time, the better approach is to post at every hour of the workday on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, at a minimum. 

When you post every hour, consistently, you find that you reach people at high traffic hours by definition. 

When you do this daily, your social media becomes more structured, and that creates an angle of professionalism to your social media work. 

Social Media Strategy 2: Daily, weekly, and monthly social media advertising 

Social Media Advertising

An underused but very vital social media strategy is to do social media advertising on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

The foundation of social media advertising on Facebook is the “Boosted Post”.  

Whenever you post on Facebook, you can pay $10 to Facebook to advertise your post over a 5 day period. 

It is a great way of getting traffic to your social media posts, and affordable too. 

If you are posting on Facebook every day, then a daily boosted post can help your social media results pretty significantly, for only $300 a month.  

That’s an affordable budget for most social media managers and digital marketing managers. 

There are so many ways to do social media advertising.  

As we described before, Facebook has myriad opportunities for advertising that are affordable and work great. 

Twitter lets you promote your page or your post, and is also affordable. 

LinkedIn is a great way for you to promote your business for B2B (business-to-business) transactions and marketing. 

If you are starting out with your own social media agency, you may find that directing 10% of the monthly fee you bring in to social media advertising goes a long way in improving your social media performance. 

As an aside, some of you might be wondering how to price social media management.  

We say that for B2B companies, you can price your social media management at $10,000 a month. 

Corporate social media costs $100,000 a month or more.  

So larger companies could see social media pricing at $20-$40,000 a month. 

Regardless, we find it very useful to do social media advertising on a regular basis. 

Social Media Strategy 3: Organize posts with a content calendar 

So many social media managers simply post on the social media site with no filter.  

We believe that managing your social media posts through a content calendar such as Zoho Social, or Falcon.io, for example, is a critical choice for upping your game to the professional level. 

When you organize your posts with a content calendar, you can schedule your posts in advance. 

This gives you more time for creativity and focus on social media strategy.  

In addition, we find it helpful to post on your content calendar, and then responding to individual tweets and messages on the platform. 

When you use a content calendar to organize your social media posts, you demonstrate the kind of quality and professionalism that companies look for when they hire someone to manage their social media. 

Also, social media content calendars make the job so much easier for social media managers. 

You can therefore focus on higher value activities such as strategy, planning, coordination, and implementation, not to mention team work, when you do your work on a daily basis. 

Social Media Strategy 4: 80% organic content, 20% curated content 

The fourth social media strategy that we want to share with you today is to focus the majority of your social media posting on organic content, meaning content that your brand creates. 

This is especially urgent when you manage the social media for a brand or company with a sizable following. 

The reason for this is that the social media channels are an extension of the brand’s messaging. 

Rather than leave the messaging to some external source, keep 80% of the content local to the brand. 

What that means is that you do your social media postings of company materials, such as website, blog posts, videos, images, and other brand-owned media. 

When you have this down pat, you can add in some content that is curated – about 20%. 

The curated content should move forward the discourse and dialogue about your business or your client’s business. 

The curated content should demonstrate understanding and show your followers that you are a leader in the arena of your business, and that you know what you are talking about. 

So organic content is the majority of the content, and then 20% of the content can be curated without any loss of brand. 


In conclusion, there are so many social media strategies to keep in mind, but these 4 social media strategies really go a long way to being a successful and respected social media manager or owner of a social media agency. 

Social media strategy 1 is to post regularly and consistently. 

Social media strategy 2 is to use social media advertising to expand your reach and build your following. 

Social media strategy 3 is to use a social media content calendar to organize your posts and free up time for higher value activities. 

Social media strategy 4 is to make sure that 80% of your posts are for brand-owned, organic content, while 20% of your posts can be curated. 

Thank you for reading! 

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