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Why America Can Go All-Green Electricity By 2040

By Auren K., President & CEO, Alchemy MarketingLab  

All-Green Electricity America 2040

The United States of America has a global mandate to reduce the use of non-clean electric power, and achieve all-green electricity by 2040. With so much at stake for the global economy, it’s no wonder that the American interests are all clamoring for a share of the funding. Coal, oil, solar, wind, natural gas, nuclear, and geothermal are all energy opportunities for the United States. At the same time, we find that some countries are already making great headway in paving the path for America to achieve an all-green electric footprint within 20 years – by 2040.  

General Motors made news when the global automotive conglomerate announced that GM would be making only all-electric cars by 2035. The news shocked the automotive world, and then brought hope to a world with the promise of lower emissions, greater economic opportunity for clean and green energy companies, and new technologies that move the world’s transportation in the future. Coming off the heels of a banner year for GM’s stock price, 2020 proved lucrative for GM investors, who gained 46.9% on the stock exchange. With the rise of all-electric behemoths such as Tesla, the market – and its hidden hands – made the argument that electric vehicles are the future we will invest in. In order for GM to stay competitive, investing in EVs must be the only path forward. 

America can go all-green with its electricity not only because it’s the right thing to do, or because it makes good economic sense. In truth, America must go all-green with its electricity footprint because other countries have begun to lead on green energy adoption and responses to the very-possibly-true climate change movement. In short, America has stopped leading the world. It’s an appalling moment for American leadership, as we learn that countries from England to Russia to the Middle-East are all making serious national decisions to achieve net-zero emissions over the next 30 to 50 years. America has yet to make such a statement. 

As is often in the course of world events, countries participate in international dialogue, and then a few make bold moves. One country recently made an unexpected move, and their leadership – global leadership – impresses on us the importance of American leaders remembering that because America is an exceptional nation, America must lead on every important issue on the global stage. Climate change is one of those issues, and America is close to a precipice in that American leadership is either ignored, disregarded, or willfully vacant from the world stage. 

Of course, the country that made the unexpected move was not America. The country is Great Britain. When I heard the news, I was shocked, and then hopeful. This is evidence of good leadership. I had read on the news that America’s nemesis, Great Britain, had made a clear determination to go all-green with their power by 2035, driven by a statement by the country’s Prime Minister. 

The Brits plan to go all-green with their electricity, with an emphasis on solar, wind, and nuclear. The deadline is 2035. Great Britain will be phasing out coal power completely by 2024 – a 100% reduction. 

America is a country with sophisticated energy ambitions. To say nothing of America’s sophisticated global ambitions for dominance, hegemony, and leadership. At a time when the world is coming together because of unity on the need to handle the ravages of climate change over a global population, it is apparent that the lack of America’s leadership is causing the United States to take a back seat on important global issues. Because climate change is the main global topic of international discussion, America must lead on climate change. But it has not. 

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