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America’s Auto Industry Goes All-Electric By 2040

The good folks at General Motors made a massive statement when GM made the choice to make all their vehicles all-electric by 2035, and make their company carbon neutral by 2040.

Called “Electrification”, General Motors stunned the automotive community and the world when GM decided to phase out gas-powered vehicles.

GM replaced many automotive brands (such as the gas-guzzling Hummer) with new, improved, and in many senses revolutionized and redesigned brands (such as the all-new Hummer EV, an electric-vehicle Hummer that gets power from plugging into the outlet at home).

Ford responded with its own path to electrification.

Ford announced a $30 Billion Dollar investment in electrification (going for electric vehicles and zero-emissions plants).

Ford has said that its goal is that 40% of its automotive production is electric by 2030, with zero-emission plants by 2035.

The Global Automotive Industry Joins GM and Ford in Electrification

In other news, Honda, Volvo, and Jaguar have also made similar choices to phase out the sale of gas-guzzling vehicles, and transition to 100% electric vehicles by 2040.

Let’s look into those three in more depth:

Honda: A 100% EV portfolio by 2040 in the North American market.

Volvo: A hybrid or 100% electric powertrain on most or all models in the coming years.

Jaguar: The company intends to have a 100% electric brand by 2025.

Alchemy MarketingLab Supports Automotive Electrification

Alchemy MarketingLab is very excited about the new innovations and news about automotive electrification.  

Tesla, an all-electric company, has made considerable strides in developing an electric vehicle market, and its stock price is indication that the market will reward companies for their transition to an electric future.  

General Motors, one of America’s most important companies, has made a firm choice to go all-electric by 2035.  

That means that in less than 15 years, all of GM’s cars and brands will be all-electric vehicles.  

Alchemy MarketingLab believes that this decision to choose electrification will mean great brand and equity improvements for General Motors.  

For example, their stock is now a much more attractive investment (our opinion does not constitute an official recommendation of investment; past results do not mean future results).  

We here at Alchemy MarketingLab are very impressed with General Motors and their electrification efforts, and we believe that GM is aligned for long-term profitability and shareholder results that could approach Tesla’s market gains into the future.  

For the record, Alchemy MarketingLab is also very impressed with Ford’s $30 billion electric vehicle investment.  

While Ford is intending to have 40% of its cars and trucks as electric by 2030, at Alchemy MarketingLab we see that “The Future Is Green”.  

Of course, Chrysler is also to be commended for their $10.5 billion electrification effort, which will see 30 new electric vehicle models over the next few decades.  

To the extent that companies electrify, adopt zero-emissions standards, and continue the journey to an all-green, renewable, electric future, those companies will see greater success with their business results.  

Internationally, we have seen that Volvo, Honda, and Jaguar have all made decisions to build and manufacture a 100% electric vehicle fleet by 2040.  

We expect greater profitability and significant revenue increases for companies that choose to electrify, and choose to adopt renewable energy standards to power their manufacturing plants as well.  

Interestingly, more than 20% of America’s electricity in 2020 was based on renewable and clean energy.  

We expect this number to grow significantly.  

We recently heard the stunning news that Britain has set a mandate for 100% all-green electricity sources by 2035, phasing out coal and natural gas completely from their country’s electricity portfolio.  

We believe that decisions like this represent the inevitable transformation of countries to a green energy, renewable future, where the present is also as green as the future.  

America’s automotive companies have wowed us thus far with their decisions to electrify; to the extent General Motors, Ford and Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge bring a large percentage of their energy portfolio from renewable sources, these companies will see greater and further gains in market share, to say nothing of financial performance.  

It is the opinion of Alchemy MarketingLab that companies that stick with the clean and green, all-electric, renewable future, will see gains to market valuation and market share, as powerful sources give premium multiples for a green future. 

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