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As Social Media Evolves, Businesses Network and Advertise In Droves

Social media is much more than what appeared to be a Millennial fad.  

10 to 15 years ago, college students used Facebook religiously to chat with each other in class, and most people in their 40s and 50s simply didn’t understand the potential business implications.  

Of course, when Facebook got listed on the stock exchange, its stock price defied expectations, and ever since that first dip it has been rising continuously.  

The stock market sees the value in social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and more.  

Corporations work tirelessly to understand social media, and easily spend $60,000 – $100,000 a month on professionally managed social media, simply to stay relevant to the younger generation and reach millions of people, of all ages at this point.  

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, the question remains – can my business take advantage of this massive megatrend (social media) and convert social media marketing as real wealth? 

Social Media For Networking & New Business Development 

Alchemy MarketingLab Social Media

With all these people on social media, some people are using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for networking.  

While Facebook groups are industry relevant featuring thousands of people, and LinkedIn groups the same, some people additionally use Twitter to network with other industry professionals, and drum up new business.  

The idea is that social media is about more than simply posting.  

It’s about making connections.  

It’s about building bridges.  

And it’s about making real money.  

If you are a 45-year-old owner of a manufacturing company, for example, you might find manufacturing partners on Twitter.  

Then, you have a few strategic approaches.  

You could reach out to them directly, and drum up a conversation, and then take the conversation offline with a phone call or meetup for coffee.  

This is the new networking.  

The next word of mouth marketing.  

By making real connections with fellow industry professionals on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can start the offline conversations that make the real money, all while on social media. 

The Thought Leadership Approach To Social Media 

Alchemy MarketingLab Social Media

The other approach that Alchemy MarketingLab favors is the thought leadership approach, combined with a personal inquiry.  

Start by making important commentary on the state of the industry.  

Show that you understand the nuances and details with specific posts about parts of your industry that aren’t as understood, but are as important.  

Then, you identify future business partners that you would like to work with.  

You send these articles to them, or post with their name on the post, with a friendly note.  

You then comment on their profile posts for a few weeks, and then you make your outreach to request a phone call or Zoom call.  

Next thing you know, you have made real business happen, by using social media as a tool for connecting with future business partners. 

Business Owners See The Value of Social Media, But Do They Have The Time? 

Alchemy MarketingLab Social Media

Most business owners have come around to the idea that social media is important, drives brand creation, could lead to new sales, and has a lot of opportunity through the advertising platforms.  

A note on that is important, because most business owners have heard of the Facebook Advertising platform.  

But fewer business owners have used the lesser known but equally important LinkedIn Advertising platform, or Twitter Ads, or Pinterest Ads, or even Instagram Ads!  

These social channels all make it possible to advertise and get impressions and clicks on any budget. 

It’s the merging of social media with advertising.  

The fusion of future advertising with forward-thinking people.  

There is so much opportunity with social media advertising, and of course, also with Google AdWords.  

When you make advertising part of your budget, you often worry about ROI (return on investment).  

At the same time, with online advertising with Google & Bing and social media advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., you can directly measure your results.  

You get information on clickthrough rates (CTR), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per click (CPC).  

This data is so important, because you can track your marketing performance, and see how it relates to your return on investment. 

Advertising on social media and search engines takes a lot of effort, and to be sure managing social media accounts also takes a considerable effort.  

Half of the work is posting, but the other half is managing community, and getting brand impressions through comments.  

The point though is that this work is time-consuming.  

While some businesses prefer to hire an in-house social media professional, we at Alchemy MarketingLab have found that when you have your social media professionally managed, you get at least 3 times the results of a social media employee for the same price.  

A reason for this is that we have already done the numbers, and evaluated the best practices.  

We know what to do, and we are willing to do the work.  

So, when you hire a social media agency to manage your social media professionally, you get more work done, and better quality, in a way that builds followers and adds to your business success.  

When you don’t have the time to manage your social media in-house, and you are thinking about seeking a professional social media agency, think Alchemy MarketingLab.  

We are specialists at social media marketing.  

Our channel specialists can grow your social media following considerably.  

We know, for example (consider a B2B situation), how to advertise to business owners of a certain age range, with certain demographics. We can get very targeted in our approach, and we do incredible work.  

Let Alchemy MarketingLab Professionally Manage Your Social Media! 

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